How to find out the paint number of a Toyota car (Avensis and other Toyota models)

How to determine car paint color by VIN code

The aesthetics of the result of touch-up of body defects depends directly on the color match when selecting the shade of paint for correction. The VIN number of a vehicle allows you to determine reliable data for a specific car model: year of manufacture, factory equipment parameters, country of manufacture, as well as code and type of coating.

Where are Toyota paint codes located?

Minor damage to the surface of the car body requires restoration of only that part where the defect occurred. In this case, you will need to find out the paint number of the Toyota Avensis car with maximum accuracy. But there are a lot of colors and paint options for the Avensis model from. If the selection is unsuccessful, the entire car will need to be repainted, which will significantly affect the cost of the work and the time it takes to complete it.

Toyota car paint number

It is not difficult to find out the paint number of a Toyota car. On all modern cars of the company, a plate with a color code is located either under the hood near the engine or on the front door pillars.

In addition to calculating the color number using the VIN code, it is also possible to determine the paint number of a Toyota car in the following ways:

  • Visually. A method that has a low chance of accurately recognizing the correct shade and correctly determining the paint color number of a Toyota car.
  • Take advantage of specialized online resources. They will help if you still don’t understand how to find the paint number for a Toyota car using the VIN code. Data on the car model and year of manufacture are entered into a special field on the selected site. Based on this data, the composition code is found.
  • Use the opportunity to contact an official dealer of the company. Finding out the paint number of a Toyota car is not difficult for the manufacturer. There you can also clarify the location of the plate with the coating code.
  • Consult a specialist. The color can be determined at a service station equipped with the latest technology with experienced craftsmen.

From the information on how to find out the paint number of a Toyota Avensis car, a logical conclusion follows - for the greatest accuracy in determining the desired shade, you must use the VIN code data.

It is worth considering that the placement of a sign with it is not regulated by international standards. The manufacturer's intention regarding the location of the vehicle code is free from any restrictions.

Decoding Toyota color codes

Among the data indicated on the label, you should find the abbreviation C/TR. It displays the body paint color and the car's upholstery color number.

How to find the paint number on a Toyota

There, through the fraction, there is a code for the corresponding shade. The first three-digit symbol will indicate the required paint tone.

The most common colors of the model

Particular attention of buyers is attracted by dark gray or, as it is also called, the color of wet asphalt. An absolutely clean car in sunny, clear weather looks just great. However, on cloudy days the appearance of such a car is depressing.

Black is the most representative of the colors in the available palette. However, they don’t really like it either: half an hour after washing, dirt and dust will stick to the car again. The body will appear orange or white with dust. For owners of such a representative car, the situation should be ideal in every way.

In this case, choosing lighter colors and shades will help. White body color is in fashion. It testifies to the openness of the owner’s character and good taste. A car of this color is clearly visible from afar and at night, which tips the scales in favor of choosing this color.

Another help can be a sand color, somewhat giving off orange and brown shades at the same time. However, buyers do not always agree to purchase a car with a non-standard color (meaning black and white).

By the way, silver color also belongs to the category of the most common. It testifies to the complex character of the owner, if, of course, he likes the color.

You can order a blue car. There is also a blue one to choose from. In general, the palette does not stand out with a special variety of colors, but there are samples that are especially curious to people all over the world.

Code table for commonly used color options

Most often, the paint number on a Toyota car is indicated in the following format - TR: 1C8/FD13. The coating color code in this code is indicated by the symbols 1C8.

Below in the table you can see the codes of the most popular car paint tones for the Toyota Avensis car.

Year of car manufactureColor nameMetallicaColor code
2004 — 2008Beige+4S0
1997 — 2008Burgundy+3N0
2003 — 2007Brown+4Q9
2002 — 2005Red+3M8
2006 — 2017Magnetic gray+1G3
2003 — 2008Light green+6T1
1996 — 2014Silver+1C0
2003 — 2008Grey+1F6
2000 — 2014Blue8P4
1984 — 2019Super white040
1990 — 2008Super Red III3J6
2002 — 2002Dark green+6S3
2006 — 2018Dark blue+8S6
1998 — 2016Black209

It is important to understand that over time, due to natural processes, any paint changes its original characteristics. Under the influence of environmental factors, the nuances of car operation and the quality of car care, the shade of the coating of different parts of the body changes. Therefore, the color of the car may differ to one degree or another from the original found using the VIN code.

Paint care

Now a few words about caring for the car body and paintwork. Firstly, the car must be washed at least once a week, preferably with soapy water and a sponge. It is necessary to wipe away moisture with a soft cloth, preferably with fringe. Secondly, periodically polishing the surface of the body will not hurt - a very useful procedure.

During operation, small and deep scratches and cracks in the top paintwork may appear. For small sizes, simple polishing can remove all this.

You can use products from auto stores, such as special pencils or compositions for applying to the surface. They can be used to restore a small area on the body with your own hands. If the scratch is too deep, professional restoration and painting is indispensable.

In addition to the notorious scratches and cracks, rust or other types of corrosion and oxidation may appear on the car. Water and salt may be the cause, especially in winter. This is where corrosion begins. They can also be eliminated by polishing the surface of the paintwork.

Toyota paint codes. Selection of car enamels

ColorColor codeColor name
039White Pearl
040Super White II
049White Pearl Mica
051Diamond White Pearl
056, U056Natural white
062White Crystal Shine Pearl
065White Crystal Shine Pearl
066Ivory Crystal Shoe Pearl
173Astral silver metallic
181Blueish silver metallic
182Bluish gray metallic
183Dark bluish gray metallic
196, 6S3Tin metallic
199Alpine silver metallic
199, 1A3, 8L5, U1A3Silver Metallic
1A0Blueish Silver Metallic / Platinum Metallic
1A2Light Grayish metallic / Topaz metallic
1A5Desert Dune metallic
1B1Champagne Pearl / Warm Silver Metallic
1B2Antique Sage Pearl
1B9Quicksilver Fx metallic
1C0, 1D2, K73, U1C0, U1D2Millennium silver metallic
1C2Gray Opal metallic
1C3, A1235Gray Mica / Riverock Green Mica
1C4Silver Opal metallic
1C5Silver Graphite metallic
1C6Graphite Gray Pearl
1C7Thunder gray metallic
1C8, U1C8Moon Mist metallic/silver metallic
1C9Silver Metallic
1D0Liquid silver metallic
1D9Silver Graphite metallic
202, KA3Black/Black Onyx
204Black metallic
209Black Sand Pearl
210Carbon Blue Mica
3E5Super Red II
3H7Cardinal Red
3J6Super Red III
3J8Dark Wine Red Mica
3K4Sunfire Red Pearl
3K7Light Grayish Rose metallic
3L2Super Red IV
3L3Purple mica
3L5Radiant Red
3M5Sandrift metallic
3M6Napa Burgundy Pearl
3M8Red Mica/Venetian Red Pearl
3M9Red rose mica
3N0Maroon mica
3N1Red Mica
3N2Mahogany Pearl
3N5Flame Red metallic
3N6Vintage red pearls
3N8Red Mica
3P0Absolutely Red / Super Red
3P2Bordeaux mica
4DAMica parchment
4M4Sierra beige metallic
4M7Flax mica
4M9Cashmere Beige Metallic
4N1Crystal quartz metallic
4P1Copper Brown Pearl
4P2Beige Shining Flake metallic
4P3Desert Bronze Metallic
4P5Autumn Blaze metallic
4P6Autumn Red Mica
4P7Mystic Gold Metallic
4P9Taupe metallic
4Q2Sand mica
4Q5Metallic gold dust
576Solar Yellow
578Golden Sand metallic
581Gold metallic
583Satin Gold Metallic
584Yellow mica
585Gold metallic
677Verde metallic
6FAPologreen mica
6M1Dark Green Mica
6M3Silver Spruce metallic
6N0Mica Moonstone
6N1Medium Grayish green metallic
6N9Ebony Teal Pearl
6P2Classic Green Pearl / Dark Green Pearl
6P3Deep Jewel Green Metallic
6P7Light green opal metallic
6P8Crystal Ice Metallic
6Q2Light green metallic
6Q7Imperial Jade Mica
6R1Forest Green Pearl
6R3Fairway Green Pearl
6R4Dark Green Mica/Electric Green Mica
6R8Green Mica
6S0Light green metallic
6S1Green Mica
6S2Green Pearl
6S4Green Mica
6S5Green Mica
760Mystic Teal Mica
761Light Aqua Opal metallic
765Turquoise metallic
8B2Dark blue
8L4Atlantis Blue Mica
8L5Royal Sapphire Pearl
8L6Light blue metallic
8L7Stellar Blue Pearl
8L9Denim Blue Mica
8M6, U8M6Spectra Blue Mica
8M8Twilight Blue Pearl
8N1Horizon blue metallic
8N4Constellation Pearl
8N7Sailfin Blue Pearl
8N8Dark blue Mica
8N9Blue mica
8P2Sea foam blue metallic
8P6Gray mica vapor
8P8Dark blue Mica
926Grayish Violet Mica
A1214Silver pearl
A1L1Silver Metallic
A385Dark Bordeaux metallic
B44Marine Blue Mica
B50Blue mica
C19, UCA77Beige metallic
G36Apple Green Metallic
R19pure red
R29pure red
S07Silver Metallic
S25Cool Silver Metallic
T16Light pink metallic
W16Pearly white, I
YCDOrpheus Red Mica
YFBCrystal Ice Metallic

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