What kind of oil to pour into the Toyota Corolla 150 gearbox

The Toyota Corolla series of compact Japanese cars dates back to 1966, when the first generation of this line was presented. This model range is unique not only because it is still in production. It can also boast of being included in the Guinness Book of Records, as these vehicles were recognized as the best-selling cars in the world. At the moment, there are 12 generations of Toyota Corolla, which were equipped exclusively with mechanical, automatic 4-speed and 5-speed robotic transmissions. Therefore, next we will talk about oil for the Toyota Corolla automatic transmission, discuss its factory specifications, and also give examples of original and analog products.

Automatic transmission oil for Toyota Corolla

About approvals The following
were installed as automatic transmissions on the Toyota Corolla line of compact cars:

  • 4-speed automatic transmission A240L/A241H/A245E
  • 4-speed automatic U240E/U340E/U341E
  • 5-speed robot C50A

As a transmission fluid, according to the recommendation of the car manufacturer, it is necessary to fill them with oil approved by ATF Type T-IV, Type WS or MTG Oil LV API GL-4 SAE 75W (depending on the modification of the machine). It is also worth understanding that these vehicles were also equipped with CVTs, information about which can be found here (link) .

Select your Toyota Corolla model:

Toyota Corolla 120 Toyota Corolla 150 Toyota Corolla 160

Toyota Corolla automatic oil A240L/A241H/A245E (4 gears)

One of the first automatic transmissions, which was equipped with earlier Toyota Corolla models, is the Aisin Warner 4-speed hydromechanical automatic of modifications A240L, A241H and A245E. This 240 series was equipped with many models of this line from 1993 to 2008. Accordingly, when servicing them, it is necessary to purchase oil with an ATF Type T-IV or Type WS approval. At the same time, Toyota recommends using transmission fluid with ATF Type T-IV approval in models produced before 2005, and oil with Type WS specification after 2005. This can be either the original Japanese products Toyota ATF Type T-IV, Toyota Type WS, or its substitutes Neste ATF Multi, Wolf Ecotech Multivehicle ATF FE and many others.

Toyota ATF Type T-IV4 liters Article: 08886-01705
Average price: 3000 rubles

1 liter Article: 00279-000T4-01

Average price: 1200 rubles

Neste ATF Multi4 liters Article: 294045
Average price: 2400 rubles

1 liter Article: 216052

Average price: 600 rubles

Toyota Type WS4 liters Article: 08886-02305
Average price: 4000 rubles

1 liter Article: 08886-81210

Average price: 1300 rubles

Wolf Ecotech Multivehicle ATF FE1 liter Article: 8329449
Average price: 800 rubles

Checking the level

Depending on the type of Toyota automatic transmission, the oil is checked at a certain temperature through a dipstick or overflow plug. The automatic transmission fluid must be heated strictly to the required value, because it expands when heated, otherwise the readings will be incorrect.

With dipstick

Checking the level with a dipstick is simple and does not require tools. All you need is a white, lint-free rag or paper. The dipstick is a metal rod with marks and COLD/HOT marks located under the hood.

Carrying out a check using HOT will be the most reliable:

  1. Warm up the engine by driving the car for at least 5 minutes, switching the automatic transmission to different modes.
  2. Toyota automatic transmission oil should be heated to 70 - 80℃.
  3. Stop the car on level ground. Leave the engine idling. Pull the handbrake.
  4. Press the brake pedal. Move the selector in all modes from P to S, and back, ending in position P.
  5. Open the hood. Pull out the dipstick and wipe with a rag or paper. Insert the dipstick back until it stops for 10 s.
  6. Take out the dipstick and see where the ATF level is. The norm is between HOT risks.


Complete and partial oil change in automatic transmission Ford Explorer 5

If the level is less than the lower limit, check the bottom for leaks. Add fluid to the dipstick tube, warm it up, and check the level again. Drain excess oil through the hole in the pan.

Checking the level with a dipstick is used on automatic transmissions of the Toyota A340, U140, U240, U151, U250, U340, U440 series.

Without dipstick

To check the oil level in a Toyota automatic transmission without a dipstick you will need:

  • set of tools;
  • canister of fresh liquid;
  • drain container;
  • syringe with a tube for filling;
  • scanner for temperature control;
  • new gaskets for the drain and filler plugs if the old ones are in poor condition;
  • work gloves and clothing.

Carrying out the check:

  1. Warm up the engine by driving the car for at least 5 minutes, switching the automatic transmission to different modes. Drive the car onto a lift or pit, placing chocks under the wheels. Turn off the engine.
  2. Remove protection.
  3. Unscrew the overflow plug on the pan.
  4. Unscrew the filler plug marked WS. Add 300 - 500 ml of liquid into the filler hole until excess flows out of the overflow hole. Place the container.

  5. Start the engine. Switch the selector in all positions. Toyota automatic transmission oil should be heated to 45 - 55℃.
  6. Without turning off the engine, repeat step 4. Tighten the overflow and filler plugs.
  7. Inspect the drained liquid for suspended matter, clarity, and odor.

The level is checked using the overflow plug in automatic transmissions of the Toyota U660/U760, A750, A760, A960 series.

Transmission fluid in automatic transmission Toyota Corolla U240E/U340E/U341E (4 gears)

The latest Toyota Corolla models from 2006 to 2014 (after which CVTs were installed) were equipped with a 4-speed Aisin Warner automatic transmission of modifications U240E, U340E, U341E, which during its operation prefers transmission fluid with Type WS approval. Toyota Type WS, Total Fluidmatic LV MV, Petro-Canada DuraDrive MV Synthetic ATF and others have this specification.

Toyota Type WS4 liters Article: 08886-02305
Average price: 4000 rubles

1 liter Article: 08886-81210

Average price: 1300 rubles

Total Fluidmatic LV MV1 liter Article: 199475
Average price: 900 rubles
Petro-Canada DuraDrive MV Synthetic ATF1 liter Article: DDMVATFC12
Average price: 650 rubles

Features of choice

All presented products are divided into three large groups: mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils. The first ones are made from oil. They have the lowest cost, and are used in old cars from the 90s to the 70s. If you have a modern foreign car manufactured in 2000 (and later), then it is recommended to use synthetic or semi-synthetic products.

Such oils (unlike mineral oils) have many advantages, including:

  • High thermal and chemical stability.
  • Higher turnover.
  • Resistance to temperature fluctuations.
  • Long service life.
  • Better penetration.

Oil for Toyota Corolla robot

Also installed on the Toyota Corolla line was a 5-speed C50A robotic transmission, working in tandem with the 1.6 liter 1ZR-FE. Accordingly, the Japanese automaker recommends filling this robot with transmission fluid with MTG Oil LV API GL-4 SAE 75W approval. Therefore, it is worth purchasing both the original Toyota Gear Oil LV 75W MT and its analogues RAVENOL MTF-3 SAE 75W, CASTROL SYNTRANS B 75W.

Toyota Gear Oil LV 75W MT1 liter Article: 08885-81001
Average price: 1300 rubles
RAVENOL MTF-3 SAE 75W1 liter Article: 4014835719811
Average price: 1200 rubles
CASTROL SYNTRANS B 75W1 liter Article: 15054A
Average price: 900 rubles

What's new?

In this generation (2012-2018), the car’s appearance has become more expressive. The improved aerodynamic performance of Toyota https://toyota-kurgan.ru/ was ensured by the smoothness of the sedan's silhouette; as for the drag coefficient, it is only 0.28.

The increased wheelbase (10 cm longer) gave the model a sportier profile. This entailed an increase in length (+ 9.9 cm) and length (+ 1.6 cm), but the height of the car, on the contrary, decreased, by 1 cm at once, which was done deliberately - this makes the car look more aggressive.

In addition to this, the overhang indicators have changed: the rear has decreased by 2.4 cm, and the front has increased by 2.3 cm.

How to change the oil in a Toyota Corolla automatic transmission

Partial oil change in a Toyota Corolla automatic transmission is not a complex technical operation. Accordingly, any average motorist can implement it by following these steps:

  • place the vehicle on a lift or inspection hole
  • remove the engine protection
  • unscrew the drain plug from the bottom of the machine
  • drain the old oil
  • dismantle the machine tray
  • change the oil filter and consumables
  • fill the purchased transmission fluid according to the level

Changing the oil in the automatic transmission of Toyota Corolla A240L/A241H/A245E

How often should you change ATF?

Transmission oil works as a lubricant, coolant, and corrosion protection. An automatic transmission is more complex in structure and operation than a manual transmission, so the properties of the ATF fluid differ from that of manual oil. Fluid for automatic transmissions transmits engine power to the torque converter and creates pressure in the system to change modes and gears.

You should not trust dealers that the transmission oil was filled before the first overhaul. This will only be true for machines with ideal operating conditions:

  • smooth roads;
  • quality fuel;
  • weather constancy;
  • calm driving style.

In the real world, cars experience loads that lead to wear of parts and technical fluids. So, ATF becomes contaminated with friction dust, chips, and by 40,000 km it begins to lose its working properties.


Operating oil temperature in automatic transmission: causes, symptoms and consequences of box overheating

Toyota recommends checking the automatic transmission oil every 2 years or every 40,000 km. Replacement according to the regulations is every 80,000 km or every 4 years. At the same time, Aisin, the developer of the automatic transmission, sets different replacement periods - every 20,000 km or once every 2 years.

Toyota repair technicians advise focusing on the transparency of the oil. On older cars, it is advisable to check the quality and level of the fluid at least 50,000 km. The timing of replacement also depends on driving style and the quality of the ATF itself. First replacement no later than 80 - 100,000 km. The best option for replacement is alternating partial and complete every other time.


In this article, we figured out what kind of oil to pour into a Toyota Corolla robot, how often to change it, and looked at step-by-step instructions for replacing it. Everything turned out to be very simple. You must agree that the robot on the Toyota Corolla is quite a “capricious” and expensive part to save on oil changes. Moreover, the savings are quite insignificant, and sometimes completely absent. And don’t try to save money on “dubious oils.” Therefore, we will help you distinguish fake Toyota oil on our website!

What manual transmission was installed on the Corolla in 2008

The Japanese car - reliable, strong and representative - is very popular on the secondary market. But some motorists refuse to buy because of the robotic transmission. Meanwhile, the robot is a progressive design, in which experts see the future of the automotive industry.

Confidence in the box was undermined by the first, imperfect batches of units called Freetronic (2003-2005). Multiple shortcomings of the short-lived gearbox in 2008 received an updated gearbox with one clutch and actuators.

The robot is a manual gearbox with automatic (without driver intervention) gear selection. Both parts of the box are controlled by an electronic algorithmic system. The generally accepted European abbreviation for an automatic robot is AMT (Automated Manual/Mechanical Transmission).

Manual transmission "Toyota Corolla"

There is no clutch pedal under the driver’s foot, and there is no gear shift lever at hand. But there is a selector.

MultiMode Toyota operates in gear shift modes:

  • consistent;
  • automatic;
  • accelerated automatic.

The control process is as follows: the driver presses the gas pedal, the engine speed increases. At a certain point, the actuators and shift forks are activated - the box engages an overdrive. In the same way, through the engine speed values ​​programmed in the block, deceleration occurs - the selection of a lower stage.

On the first robots, the clutch quickly failed, oil leaked, sensors broke, and the ECU did not work correctly. In the Toyota Corolla gearbox, the plant eliminated the shortcomings in 2008.

The Japanese robotic gearbox of the 2008 Toyota Corolla works reliably, it is rated as high quality, but requires compliance with operating rules and timely oil changes.

What mileage before replacement does the manufacturer recommend?

The robotic mechanism shows excellent results in fuel economy and demonstrates good acceleration dynamics. The unit is cheap to manufacture, which reduces the overall cost of the machine. Although the type of unit is more reminiscent of a manual transmission, such a mechanism needs to be serviced more often.

Drain and filler necks in manual transmission of Toyota Corolla

The car manuals say that the oil in the 2008 Toyota Corolla gearbox is filled for the entire service life, that is, the transmission is not serviceable. However, the design of the unit includes drain and filler necks, which means that ATP can still be changed.

The manufacturer estimates the working life of the robotic gearbox to be 150-180 thousand kilometers. It is understood that up to this point the box does not create problems, and later the owner himself must begin diagnosing the condition and changing the lubricant.

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