Toyota Corolla 2014 review: technical specifications and design

This year, the Japanese automobile company Toyota released into the world a new, already 11th generation of the Corolla model range. This new product showed new capabilities of the Japanese, which were noticeably manifested both in the design and technical characteristics of the 2014 Toyota Corolla.

The car acquired a new look and became even more interesting, despite the fact that the sales level was already not low. So, let's get started with the full review of this vehicle.

Car design

The appearance of the Corolla has been greatly modernized. He became more collected and aggressive. The front part of the car has undergone significant processing - the front bumper, fog lights and main optics have been replaced, and some lines of the hood have been redesigned. The front of the Corolla is somewhat reminiscent of the new Volkswagen Passat, but this opinion is formed until you begin to peer into the details of this car.

It is worth noting the new designer cast alloy wheels, which look great on this generation of Corolla.

The rear has also undergone some drastic changes. The rear bumper became a little puffy and angular, and the rear dimensions stretched across almost the entire upper part of the trunk. Chrome inserts at the front and rear of the car give it a bit of luxury.

According to many experts, this car has become the most beautiful Toyota produced for the European market.

Interior of Toyota Corolla 2014

Everything inside the car is at the highest level. Pleasant materials, excellent arrangement of instrument panels, its ergonomics - all this makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. There is a lot of space inside - 5 adults can easily fit in the cabin. The interior design idea was borrowed from the new RAV4. Compared to the previous generation, the interior architecture has completely changed. Now the driver will not have to look for a long time for places where he could put his things - money, phone, documents. Inside the cabin, the standard equipment already includes:

  • air conditioner;
  • good audio system;
  • several airbags, etc.

The trunk of this car is simply huge, so we can assume that the Corolla is designed for long journeys.


The interior decoration of the new product has also changed significantly. Its console is retracted deeply under the windshield, thereby freeing up additional centimeters for the legs of crew members located in front. A multimedia stereo system with a small screen clearly fits into the middle of the front part. There was also a place for the controls of the climate control system. The transmission lever took its place on the tunnel between the passengers.

The instrument panel has two graduated scales, which are separated by a monitor that displays various digital indicators.

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The panel backlight is not obtrusively bright. The steering wheel is absolutely standard in shape and size. It is supplemented with special control buttons. The rim of the steering wheel has a slight thickening in the grip area. The car seats are made of a combined set of materials. They are moderately comfortable, with good lateral support. The rear row of seats is made in a single block, meaning the accommodation of three passengers. It is quite possible that the three of us could actually settle there without any harassment.

One cannot say that there is too much interior space, but there is no talk of a shortage. Moderately free in all directions. But, in fairness, let us mention that, alas, there is no special reserve of space. The useful volume of the luggage compartment is just over 450 liters. The indicator is very good in modern times.

Technical characteristics of Toyota Corolla 2014

In addition to the external design and interior, the technical characteristics have been greatly redesigned. The dimensions of the car have changed slightly. Now the length is 4620 millimeters, the width of the Corolla has stretched by 1.75 meters, and the height has risen to 1465 millimeters. The length of its wheelbase is 2700 mm and the width is 1535 mm. About Toyota Corolla 2015.

This car is offered with several engine options, ranging from 1.3 to 1.8 liters, which differ in their performance. The weakest engine has a power of 98 horsepower, and the most powerful with a volume of 1.8 litres, has a power of 140 horsepower. All Toyota Corollas are equipped with gasoline engines and front-wheel drive.

Having talked about powertrains, it's worth talking about the suspension and how the car feels on the road. Engineers spent a long time developing the suspension for the updated car. In the end, they succeeded. Toyota Kolla 2014 has front independent and rear dependent suspension.

Thanks to this suspension, the car holds the road and rough terrain perfectly. It is not very rigid, but it also prevents the car from falling over at high speeds.

Fans testing this car spoke of it as: energetic and not letting you get bored on the road. Its maneuverability and controllability stood out clearly.

Review of Toyota Corolla 1.6 (2014)

Toyota Corolla

is a compact car manufactured by Toyota. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling model in the world.

Hello, dear fellow motorists! Despite the short time I have owned this car, I decided to share my first impressions.

1) Why Corolla.

I sold my previous Opel Vectra into good hands, fully serviced - I think people will be happy with the operation. I sold it because my wife and I had been thinking about getting a new car for a long time, because we were tired of going to service centers. While I was selling, I was looking for something completely newer, but not necessarily completely new, since I have long known that for a certain amount either a newer small class, or an older comfort and “liner”. What haven’t I reviewed and what have I driven!

My heart was in the Opel Insignia, but my wife and I couldn’t afford a new one financially, and a used Opel Insignia station wagon from 2011 with an (original) mileage of 189,000 km that caught the eye of the dealer cost 10,900 euros, for which my other half categorically refused to pay that amount with such a mileage. Moreover, it was only necessary to lease, and they did not provide operational lease for cars of that year, only financial, which is reflected in the monthly payment amount. I also looked only from Ford Mondeo dealers (diesel, 169,000 km - 11,700EUR!), Volveshnik S80 diesel (2007, 145,000 km, automatic transmission, “leather, face, etc.”) - 10,000 euros with registration... Peugeot 3008, I also really like 508, but the subsequent liquidity and checkpoint robots scared me off. We were thinking about buying a new KIA Sportage, Opel Mokka (my wife really likes it), Opel Meriva, Skoda Yeti, VW Golf Sportivan.

Unfortunately, when you start equipping cars with various extras for yourself, the amount goes far up from the base one, and you no longer wanted to lease a new car and have something missing. Financially, we also decided not to go beyond certain limits. So it turns out - the choice is wide, but there is nothing to take. I had to wait 2 months for Skoda (although I really liked it), and 4 months for Opel. KIA was still a little expensive in terms of price. I didn’t want to wait either... I found here at a dealer one silver VW Jetta 2013 1.4 turbo, DSG7 with a mileage of 22,000 km for 15,900 euros and still under warranty. I sat and looked - it seemed okay, although the steering wheel was empty, even without buttons. But since I decided that I wanted gasoline (because with my daily mileage lately of about 25-30 km, I don’t really need diesel!) - I decided. I'll probably take this car.

I thought about it and went a day later... But I decided to stop by a Toyota dealer on the way, since they were advertising that they had low leasing rates, etc. By the way, I didn’t consider Toyota in principle, because I knew that the prices there were beyond my means. But in the cabin I was pleasantly surprised that, in principle, we even want the new Avensis, Auris and Corolla. After sitting in the cars, I noted to myself that I like the Avensis more than the others, especially since it seems to continue the models of Karina E and the Avensis of the 90s, which I already had. True, at an acceptable price it still turns out to be empty. At first I wasn’t impressed with the Corolla, and the Auris wasn’t impressed with the interior at all. But I somehow forgot about Jetta. I went to a lot of little-used cars, and there were tons of them worth whatever you want, and all of them had mileages from 12,000 to 60,000 km. After talking with the sellers, I realized that Avensis is expecting a model change in just a few months, and the Corolla is a fresh model. I drove one of the Corollas, a beautiful dark gray color. Seems OK. But the interior of the one I rode seemed a bit dirty. There was a silver one standing nearby. I sat inside, looked at the interior and said, “Wrap this one up!” . The mileage was 19300 km. The car has undergone one maintenance so far, the warranty is still valid until April 2021. Because of the color, this one was 600 euros cheaper. I like silver, so I didn’t even worry about it.

Another factor in choosing just such a car was the fact that a new one will become cheaper as soon as you drive it out of the showroom, and with such mileage it is practically new, but costs less. Well, this particular Active Plus model was seduced by the fact that the engine is 1.6 with a chain without any turbine (proven and reliable), the gearbox is a simple 6-speed manual. The “bells and whistles” are everything I wanted: cruise, dual-zone climate, heated seats, everything is electric, buttons on the steering wheel, USB input, armrest, large screen (there’s really no navigation), daytime LED running lights. Well, and the liquidity of the brand (knowing myself, after a while I’ll want something else again...). That's all about choice - practical for your price. Somehow I don’t feel passionate love for the car, but Toyota is usually like slippers - put it on and go, in this case you just drive and don’t notice.

2) Design.

Beautiful, damn! Looks great from any angle. The appearance is swift even when standing and not driving. Five points!

3) Salon.

Space and more space. The Corolla is built on a new platform and great progress has been made in rear seat capacity: knee room is at the level of class leaders. I calmly sit down behind myself and don’t touch the driver’s seat with my knees. At the same time, there is almost no central tunnel: it is very convenient when there are three of you riding behind. At first I couldn’t get comfortable in the cabin, as I was used to driving in a reclining position, but there is a very small reach of the steering wheel towards the driver. I had to put the back of the driver's seat more upright. Now I'm used to it. But it still seems that I was more comfortable in Opel.

The headrest clearly supports the head and neck without getting in the way. The shape of the seats is good and not as narrow as it seemed to me in many Volks. that I was looking closely. The dashboard is not for everyone. Very unusual, somehow vertical. But similar ones are now in both Nissans and Mazdas - apparently it’s fashionable. I'll be objective - I don't particularly like her. The instrument numbers are somehow frivolous, cartoonish in my opinion. I remember the tidy of the 508 - th Pyzhik - that’s where the thrill is... but oh well. The Toyota people probably did the right thing by not equipping the car with all sorts of newfangled 1-liter engines with a power of 150 horses - their rule is “reliability.” Apparently the interior was done the same way. Everything seems to be there, but somehow it doesn’t catch the eye. Thank you, at least they didn’t put a bunch of chrome on it like the Koreans or Ford. With my eyesight I can’t even see the electronic display of the coolant temperature sensor, but it’s not really needed all the time. The on-board computer values ​​under the speedometer are also hard to read, and you won’t be looking at the big screen all the time.

The reference backlight for me was Opel's - orange and perfectly readable. BMW also has excellent readability. Here, I think, Toyota engineers did not do enough. Although the speedometer and tachometer are clearly visible, the bluish backlight turned out to be very cozy in the dark (I was afraid that it would be like in old Volkswagens - poisonous blue). What else to note about the control devices: the cruise control turns on very cool for me - with a lever under the steering wheel, like on the old Mazda 626, the steering wheel is very comfortable, the gearshift lever fits clearly in the hand that rests on the armrest (which moves back and forth).

Under the armrest there is a traditional niche for things + a small drawer under the very tongue of the armrest, which I often fail to open the first time (who made such latches?!). There are two more cup holders on the central tunnel, there is a small drawer to the left of the steering wheel on the dashboard, and there is a spacious glove compartment. There is an additional 12V socket at the rear end of the central tunnel. By the way, the central tunnel itself is not made thoroughly - the plastic moves from side to side, which was not observed either in Opel or even in the KIA CEED. Yes, and the door trim somehow “moves” and the plastic is easily scratched. Toyota even regretted the illumination of the power window buttons! In general, I would rate the design and quality of the interior at 3+, 4, but not 5. The trunk is large, but the strength of the chunky carpet raises strong doubts - it’s kind of flimsy. There are sloppy mastic seams under the rug (apparently a feature of the Turkish assembly). There’s not even a spare part - there’s only a compressor. But many cars have this now.

The organization of the luggage compartment is poor - there is nowhere to put small things. Volvo or Skoda are doing very well with this. What else I liked about the interior was the regular handbrake. No electric handbrake or similar crap for you. It's all good until it sours or jams. Such things are very expensive to repair (a friend has a Passat, another has an A6 - I know what I’m talking about). But the handbrake handle in a supine position painfully rests on the knee of your right leg when you walk along the highway on a cruise and want to bend your right leg a little to rest.

The touchscreen screen is used to control the Bluetooth phone, music, displays information about mileage, consumption, etc. Russian understands, but not everyone reads MP3 files in Russian - they often give out gobbledygook. Moreover, I still can’t understand its logic for displaying the contents of the flash drive on the screen! The KIA did not have such a screen, but everything was logical - there was a joystick on the steering wheel and you use it to click songs up and down, folders left and right. And here they came up with Albums, Artists, Genres, Compositions, and as a result, if there are different folders on the flash drive of different artists and in different languages, then you will be tortured by clicking on the screen and looking for the desired folder, especially if it gives you gobbledygook instead of a name. You start searching in one position, he throws the contents into a pile, and in another - into another pile. Well, maybe I'm so ignorant. Although I’m not particularly smart in this matter. But it seems to me that it should be understandable and logical for any driver, especially since there seems to be a joystick on the left of the steering wheel, but it only clicks songs up and down, but there is no folder left and right.

Information on mileage and consumption generally requires institute training to comprehend. Some graphs, empirical dependencies. If only we could make it simpler - you pressed Info and it clearly gives you the results in numbers: there is travel time, average speed, average consumption (for KIA this is the case) - why invent graphs! Sometimes it gets complicated there. where it is not necessary.

4) On the move.

The engine is stated to have 132 horses (not 122 - namely 132). They are probably always hungry... Maybe after the diesel it seems to me that the car doesn’t drive, maybe they strangled it for the sake of the environment. But when you press the gas pedal to the floor, it doesn’t move. But I repeat - maybe this is the feeling after a turbodiesel. Although my small KIA with a 1.6 petrol engine accelerates very well. And here you need to first spin the engine with gas, and then press it. But there’s not much agility. Okay, I'm not a racer. It's enough for a quiet ride. But for sharp overtaking it will not work - you need to calculate the acceleration.

Fuel consumption in the city is on average 8-9 liters. I don’t skimp and drive according to the situation, so the fuel gauge needle doesn’t stay in place for too long. And I don’t drown this all the time! On the highway, the most economical mode is 90-110 km/h in 6th gear. You can make 4 liters. But as soon as you drown more, the instantaneous consumption on the on-board computer shows 6.5-7 liters. The suspension is energy-intensive, but it rattles ungodly on the paving stones, as if something needs to be done there. Everything is rubbish on the asphalt. Soundproofing is so-so. Although at idle you can't hear the engine at all in the cabin.

Here I drove an Opel Astra Classic, which has twice the mileage of mine, and on paving stones the suspension is much quieter and more elastic. I'm thinking of going to the dealer and having them look at why it's making so much noise. Although on the Internet they write about it that it is rattling. But in general, all Toyotas are easy to drive. This cannot be taken away from them. You just drive and don't think about the car. We'll see how it goes with reliability, of course. If she doesn’t bother me with breakdowns, I’ll forgive her for her explosiveness and stupidity. It’s true that Toyota is in 3rd place in terms of thefts...

That's all for now. Good luck to all!

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