Toyota Land Cruiser 200 or Mercedes GLS: which is better?

Toyota Land Cruiser is a legend in the automotive world. For many, this name sounds like a synonym for reliability and comfort. And this is not surprising, because SUV engineers are constantly improving new car models, taking into account the slightest wishes of potential buyers, and using the latest technologies in their development.

In this case, we will look at the 2014 generation of cars. In Russia they are presented in only three trim levels, but this is quite enough to get an idea of ​​these luxurious, world-famous SUVs.

Important! For 15 years, the main buyers of the Land Cruiser 200 have been drivers driving primarily on city roads. For this reason, developers of new SUV models focus on safety and comfort rather than off-road capability.

Land Cruiser 200: ground clearance, weight, length

Sixty five! Even by human standards, this is a respectable age, and even by automobile standards, consider it a legend. True, the first Toyota BJ series SUV was built on a light-duty truck chassis. It was equipped with a six-cylinder “air vent” and did not have a reduction gear. And the name Land Cruiser itself (translated as land cruiser) appeared only in 1954. But who will remember this when looking at the modern Toyota Land Cruiser 200! Almost five meters in length, about two in width and height. Like a sumo wrestler wearing a white tuxedo for the occasion.

Whatever they say, for a Russian man size still matters. By the will of nature, we know that big means strong. And in front of the strong it is better to step away. And this rule has been working since the time of dinosaurs. It's a different matter when you control this dinosaur. Driving a big Toyota you experience strange feelings. With your mind you seem to understand that driving around the city in a one-room apartment is great stupidity. Lots of problems with maneuvers and parking. Yes, and it's expensive.

But when, lounging in a wide armchair, you watch from the second floor balcony as your downstream neighbors scatter in different directions. At such moments it is easy to believe that the Kruzak is the ideal car for the city. In its belly it is easy to hide from road problems or at least shift them onto the shoulders of others. And they say rightly: arrogance is the second happiness. And for the Kruzak driver, maybe it’s the first. Only by acting from a position of strength can he drag the huge carcass of the Toyota through traffic jams.

Once you reduce your ardor, the “200” becomes frankly cramped in the city, and the driver feels uncomfortable behind the wheel. On the right side below the window line there is very poor visibility - you can miss a small car or a scooter rider. Motorcyclists also need to keep their eyes open: the width of the Kruzak with side mirrors is more than two meters. It simply takes up more space on the road than most cars. The SUV's forward visibility is in order: you sit high and look far away. And huge mirrors are a great help when exiting petal junctions. But a pedestrian or even two can easily hide behind the wide front pillars with weighty handles.

In appearance, the Land Cruiser 200 is huge, but inside it’s not that cramped, but it still doesn’t live up to expectations of space. The third row chairs, by the standards of the “gallery”, are simply luxurious - wide and soft. But an adult should settle there only as an experiment. Seating with knees at shoulder level is not for long trips. There is enough space in the second row, but the driver’s freedom is limited by bulky “furniture” such as an amorphous chair or a wooden-leather steering wheel, more reminiscent of a ship’s wheel. Yes, everything here is big!

The Land Cruiser 200 is generally a controversial car. It seems that under the hood there is a mighty V8 and more than half a thousand Newton meters of thrust, but there is no violent acceleration. Instead of the promised “less than nine” in the 0-100 km/h jerk, it feels like “about twelve”. The six-speed automatic transmission works excellently, but for the sake of improved dynamics it is better to keep it in sport mode at all times. At the same time, the upper gears in the box are cut off, shifts occur at high speeds, and the accelerator becomes sharper. True, assertive driving on the Kruzak results in increased consumption of diesel fuel. 18 liters per “hundred” is not the limit!

Taking into account the considerable dimensions, literally everything has to be done proactively. Press the accelerator hard to accelerate. Turn the empty steering wheel to change course, push the soft and completely uninformative brake pedal to stop. Any “business” requires special calculation and, if you like, a sense of tact. Literally everything has to be taken into account: the mass, the height of the car, the force of its inertia.

There is almost no lateral roll or dive when braking. The KDSS system fights them well. But you can’t fool the laws of physics. Even with a slight overspeed, the “two hundredth” willingly falls out of a turn even with a horizontal body. And he really doesn’t like alternating loads: turn or brake, but under no circumstances combine these maneuvers. It is extremely difficult to return a destabilized SUV to a state of rest, even with good operation of the electronic systems. So, when you see a Kruzak moving at cruising speed, it’s better to really step aside.

He who understands life is no longer in a hurry

Test drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200
Test drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Owning this astronomically sized body-on-frame SUV is truly a healing experience. Conceit increases by 100%, self-confidence by 200%. Yes, and several centimeters of height are added immediately.

Let’s see what else is added and where after a week of driving on the updated “Kruzak”.

Alexey Bondarev

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is a full-size SUV with permanent all-wheel drive, frame, solid axle and reduction gear.

Body length – 5302 mm, width – 2130 mm, height – 1485 mm, wheelbase – 3128 mm, minimum ground clearance – 227 mm, trunk volume – 909 l. Curb weight – 2585 kg, maximum permissible weight – 3350 kg.

In Ukraine it is sold with gasoline and diesel engines.

We visited the gasoline version with a 4.6-liter 8-cylinder engine (309 hp, 439 Nm) and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The stated acceleration to “hundreds” is 8.6 seconds. Maximum speed – 205 km/h.

The declared fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 13.7 liters per 100 km.

The cost of Land Cruiser 200 in Ukraine starts from UAH 2.08 million.

Actually, the question of how the Kruzak drives sounds ridiculous and naive. A car with such a brutal appearance and such a status image, by its very presence on the road, literally pushes all other vehicles apart.

Well, the donkey understands that a heavy frame car is unlikely to be capable of sharp turns and successful “rides” with cars such as the Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5.

But the Land Cruiser can easily pass where the aforementioned smart crossovers lose their wheels. And the Kruzak tolerates the “delights” of the Ukrainian road surface much easier.

Actually, that's all you need to know about how the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 drives.

The huge and almost 3-ton car accelerates quite briskly. But in a straight line and if you press hard on the gas. Then the 4.6-liter engine demonstrates truly locomotive traction, and permanent all-wheel drive turns this colossus into a real large-caliber projectile.

The main thing is that the straight road does not end longer. Because the Land Cruiser doesn't like to turn at speed. The rolls here are huge, and the drifts are serious.

And the Kruzak likes to slow down even less. The inertia of the huge mass takes its toll.

In order to somehow brighten up these shortcomings, experienced owners invest in expensive non-original spare parts for the chassis and brake systems. Which in some cases cost many thousands of dollars.

Such investments may indeed slightly change the behavior of the “Kruzak” on the road, but they will not fundamentally change the character of the car.

This is a heavy frame SUV with a soft suspension. You can’t escape nature, as they say.

The test car was equipped with a stock suspension, so all the above-mentioned nuances were fully felt.

After a couple of sharp accelerations and braking, the desire to “drive” the Land Cruiser 200 completely disappears. You start driving with moderate acceleration, but soon you notice that it has its own thrill.

“Kruzak” moves softly and smoothly, but very confidently, reminiscent of an ocean liner that doesn’t care about waves, no matter how small or big. On road bumps the car only wobbles. It is difficult to break through the suspension even in large holes.

And, as they say, a few words about the main thing - off-road behavior.

Why only a couple, because this is an SUV? Yes, because the vast majority of Land Cruiser 200 sold in Ukraine never leave the asphalt, and most often run between prestigious areas of large cities.

Therefore, many owners of “Kruzaks” do not pay any attention to the scattering of buttons designed to control the car off-road.

I won’t say that I went through all the circles of hell on the test “Kruzak”, but I know several places near Kiev where you can get at least an approximate idea of ​​how confidently this or that car behaves off-road.

So, in the case of the Land Cruiser 200, this confidence is limitless.

This is one of the few frame SUVs in the world with a solid axle at the rear (independent suspension at the front) and a reduction gear in the transfer case.

There are also all sorts of goodies here, like an off-road driving system that itself maintains a given speed, allowing the driver to concentrate on steering.

But in the top-end configuration (which is what I tested), the Kruzak is equipped with an adaptive suspension, which allows you to adjust not only the ground clearance (body height), but also the rigidity. This system has as many as six operating modes. When the engine is off, the body is always lowered to a minimum, making it easier to get into the car. At speeds above 100 km/h, the body is again lowered slightly - for better stability and aerodynamics.

Off-road, the ground clearance can be manually increased by 50 mm at the front and 60 mm at the rear. The same rise occurs automatically if you engage a lower gear.

But these are all details.

The main thing that is remembered after off-road driving is the almost limitless capabilities of the Land Cruiser 200. What seems like disadvantages on asphalt becomes a trump card on the ground. The rolliness in turns is actually a huge amount of suspension travel, due to which the Kruzak only rolls slightly, driving one wheel into a huge hole.

And the point here is not that the car is suitable for real adventures in forests and swamps.

The Land Cruiser 200 effortlessly drives along a dirt road broken into rubbish, on which most modern crossovers would have shaken the soul out of the passengers.

Therefore, this is an ideal option for frequent driving on light off-road conditions, where the main requirement for a car is not so much cross-country ability as such, but comfort in the process of implementing this very cross-country ability.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of Toyota’s design solutions at all, although in general I have a very positive attitude towards this brand (moreover, I myself am the owner of a Toyota car).

The main design delights of the Japanese are concentrated in Lexus, and Toyota itself periodically produces very strange, in my opinion, solutions like the latest generation Prado or, God forgive me, the CH-R.

So the “Kruzak” looks ambiguous. Unlike the classic Land Cruiser 100, which was not handsome, but also not distinguished by any particular pathos, the 200 just screams about its brutality.

It is emphatically heavy, square, with a massive alien behemoth snout, which is topped by a huge radiator grille.

The test car was black, like most Kruzaks sold in Ukraine. Perhaps this leaves its mark on my perception of the Land Cruiser 200 design.

Let's say that in white the car looks more peaceful. But I have only seen “Kruzaks” in pictures on the Internet.

The cult of the BChD – the “big black jeep” – is still too strong in Ukraine.

Since the Land Cruiser 200 is a large car, it is logical to expect that the interior will be very spacious.

This is true. The driver and passenger feel very at ease. And in the second row, three large adults can easily sit.

There are configurations with a third row of seats, of course, there is less space than in the second, but you can’t really call it a “kindergarten”. Let's say, I would put my mother-in-law there. Although, you never know where I would put my mother-in-law...

Dimensions of body and parts of Toyota Land Cruiser 200

The total overall length of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 for all modifications is 4950 (mm).

Body parameters of standard modifications:

4.5 TD (2007 – 2012):

  • Body type: SUV;
  • Number of doors: 5;
  • Number of seats: 7;
  • Width: 1980 (mm);
  • Length: 4950 (mm);
  • Height: 1955 (mm);
  • Body type: SUV;
  • Number of doors: 5;
  • Number of seats: 5/7;
  • Width: 1980 (mm);
  • Length: 4950 (mm);
  • Height: 1955 (mm);

4.7 AT (2007 – 2012):

  • Body type: SUV;
  • Number of doors: 5;
  • Number of seats: 7;
  • Width: 1970 (mm);
  • Length: 4950 (mm);
  • Height: 1910 (mm).

Explanation of terms:

  • Body type: sedan, coupe, station wagon, convertible, hatchback, pickup, etc.;
  • Overall width: the transverse width of the vehicle at its most protruding parts;
  • Overall length: the longitudinal length of the vehicle along its most protruding parts;
  • Overall height: height from the bottom point of the wheel to the highest point of the car;
  • Wheel size: International wheel size format.

Important: Detailed sizing data for individual components is provided in the links below.

Years currently in production.

Other parameters of Toyota Land Cruiser 200:

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2007 – detailed dimensions

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2012 – detailed dimensions

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2012 – detailed dimensions

Length max (mm) Maximum overall vehicle length for different modifications of Toyota Land Cruiser 200
Data are presented in millimeters (mm)
Modifications Number of modifications of the model in our database
(General form)4950 (mm)4950 (mm)3
Car parameters Toyota Land Cruiser 200
Parameter Vehicle Parameter

Data is presented in millimeters (mm)

Caution: the above data are official figures from manufacturers, however, please note that the information is for reference only and does not guarantee absolute accuracy.

Kruzak 200 - an SUV for driving around Russia

The Kruzak 200 SUV, as it was nicknamed in Russia, has a rich history, because the first model was introduced back in 1951. Since then, the concept of the car has not changed. It is still framed. The manufacturer does not plan to get rid of it and switch to a modular configuration in the near future.

Each subsequent model significantly surpassed the previous one in technical capabilities, reliability and, of course, comfort.

Considering that the tests of the first generation lasted for 4 years - from 2004 to 2007, and since the launch of the Toyota LC 200 it has been modified twice (in 2012 and 2015), we can say that for Toyota Motor Corporation this car is the most indicative and even iconic. It was thanks to the Toyota LC 200 that in 2007 the 77-year leadership of the American company General Motors Corp, which held first place in sales volumes, was interrupted.

Keep up with the times

The latest changes were made in 2021. The external dimensions of the Land Cruiser 200 are impressive. The length of the Land Cruiser 200 reaches 5 meters (less 5 centimeters), and the width is 1970 mm. These dimensions allow seven passengers to sit as comfortably as possible. If necessary, the possibility of transporting large cargo is provided.

The trunk volume of the Land Cruiser 200 is 2315 liters when the last two rows of seats are folded, and when unfolded it is 909 liters, which is also quite a lot. In the latest modification, its exterior continues to look traditionally very powerful. Engineers made some changes to the design of the side lights and the front part of the car.

Considering the technical characteristics of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, it should be noted that the weight of the Land Cruiser 200 reaches more than 2.5 tons, but this does not prevent it from easily accelerating to hundreds in 9 seconds or less, depending on the installed power unit, and also from exceeding the maximum mark in 200 km/h. Good aerodynamic characteristics only contribute to this. The giant's drag coefficient is only 0.35.

Of course, the engine plays an important role. In the latest modification, the Land Cruiser 200 engine capacity reaches 5.7 liters and the power is 381 hp. With. The new V8, coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission, offers a towing capacity of 3.6 tons. Cars with this engine are supplied to the UAE and other Middle East countries.

More modest options are also produced - petrol V-shaped eights with a volume of 4.7 liters (injector and with electronic injection into each cylinder) with a power of 288 hp. With. every. Also presented are traditional 4.5 liter diesel units TD AT and D-4D of lower power - 235 and 286 hp. With.

The new 4.6-liter V8 is noteworthy. It has a power of 318 horsepower, and consumption in mixed mode promises not to exceed 9.5 liters. However, this innovation did not affect the power; on the contrary, it increased by 21 hp. With. Such changes did not affect the dynamics of the car. This was achieved through the installation of a six-speed gearbox. The car with an eight-speed gearbox is available in a right-hand drive version and is intended only for the Japanese market. It should be noted that it is also installed on the Lexus LX570.

The dimensions of the Land Cruiser 200 are far from the only quality it can boast of. In the latest modification, engineers paid special attention to the security system.

Toyota Safety Sense P was installed, which includes:

  • an updated collision avoidance system;
  • road marking control system;
  • cruise control with dynamic radar;
  • constant monitoring of tire pressure;
  • automatic high beam headlight control system.

For the driver and front passenger, in addition to the main airbags, an airbag for the knees is installed. To increase passenger safety, curtain airbags are installed on the outer seats of the second and third rows. There are 10 of them in total in the salon. The special Isofix system allows you not to worry about the safety of a child in a child seat.

Features of Mercedes-Benz GLS

The manufacturer presents two variations of the new Mercedes-Benz GLS 3rd generation - gasoline and diesel. The car boasts low gasoline consumption compared to Toyota - 9.8 liters per 100 km in combined mode. On a diesel engine, the car already complies with Euro 6d-RDE Step 2, which will come into force only at the beginning of 2020, consumption will be about 7.8 liters per 100 km.

Mercedes-Benz GLS is available in 2 trim levels: 6- and 7-seater.

Electronics on a car also plays an important role. The computer has a gesture recognition system and self-learning, can suggest recommended actions and performs quite well.

However, as on the TLK 200, due to overvoltage, system shortcomings regularly emerge - failures and slow operation.

Kruzak 200 and its cross-country ability

Despite how much the LAND CRUISER 200 weighs, and the rather impressive dimensions of the Land Cruiser 200, its off-road qualities continue to be excellent. The ground clearance of the Land Cruiser 200 is 230 mm and, together with 18-inch wheels and electronic assistants, the number of which is amazing, allows you to overcome any obstacles.

Responsible for sustainability:

  • ESP (vehicle stability);
  • automatic adjustment of body position.

For movement on a difficult surface:

  • HHC and HDC - when starting to move uphill;
  • adjustable adaptive suspension AVS;
  • ASR (anti-slip system).
  • EBA (sudden braking assistance system);
  • ABS – anti-lock braking system;
  • EBD – brake system force distribution.

When driving off-road, you cannot do without all-wheel drive that is always on (in urban areas, this option seems superfluous to many). Using the Multi Terrain Select system, the driver can quickly select one of five modes (sand and mud, mogul, rocks and mud, crushed stone, large rocks) and overcome difficult terrain without any problems.

In automatic mode, low-speed movement is possible (up to 10 km/h). Crawl Control allows you not to worry about pressing the accelerator or brake pedal, but to fully concentrate on driving the SUV.

It should be noted that the special design of the front and rear bumpers, combined with the Land Cruiser 200’s sufficiently high ground clearance, allows it to overcome a climb angle of 24 degrees in the rear and 32 in the front.

Engine – Test drive Land Cruiser

In Russia, the Land Cruiser Prado 150 is sold with 3 engine options:

  1. Gasoline 4-cylinder unit 2TR-FE with a volume of 2.7 liters and a power of 163 hp. at 5200 rpm, torque 246 Nm at 3900 rpm
  2. Petrol V6 engine 1GR-FE with a volume of 4 liters and a power of 282 hp. at 5600 rpm, torque 387 Nm at 4400 rpm
  3. Turbodiesel 4-cylinder engine 1GD-FTV with a volume of 2.8 liters and a power of 177 hp. at 3400 rpm, torque 450 Nm at 1600-2400 rpm

The best dynamic qualities are expectedly demonstrated by the 4-liter gasoline engine. For example, acceleration from zero to 100 km/h takes 8.8 seconds - 5 seconds faster than with a 2.7-liter engine, but it is also the most voracious. In terms of speed characteristics, the 2.8-liter turbodiesel is only slightly superior to its 2.7-liter gasoline counterparts, despite slightly more power and significantly higher torque, and it is also much noisier. But with it, the Prado goes much better off-road, which is quite important for this model.

As for the transmission, for Land Cruiser 150 buyers from Russia, a 5-speed manual transmission is only possible in combination with the base 2.7-liter gasoline engine, it can also be coupled with a 6-speed automatic, which is standard for all other options .

Excellent off-road capability is ensured by the following set: a steel spar frame, a continuous rear axle, permanent all-wheel drive with a low-range range and locking center and rear cross-axle differentials, plus a new system for adapting to various driving conditions Multi-Terrain Select and off-road cruise control Crawl Control and etc.

When compared with the Prado, the higher class Two Hundred has less choice in terms of options, but the engines themselves are only V8 and naturally more powerful.

  1. Gasoline unit 1UR-FE with a volume of 4.6 liters and a power of 309 hp. at 5500 rpm, torque 439 Nm at 3400 rpm
  2. Diesel turbo engine 1VD-FTV with a volume of 4.5 liters and a power of 249 hp. at 2800–3600 rpm, torque 650 Nm at 1600–2600 rpm

It is worth noting that with a gasoline engine, the Land Cruiser 200 is more interesting in terms of driving parameters and combination with an automatic transmission, but the diesel engine is noticeably more powerful and more economical. By the way, the main fuel tank has a volume of 93 liters, and for an additional fee you can install an additional one of 45 liters. The transmission is exclusively a 6-speed automatic.

All-wheel drive on the Land Cruiser 200 with a Torsen center differential integrated into the transfer case, it divides the torque in a ratio of 40:60 to 50:50 - if necessary. There is also a system for adapting to various driving conditions Multi-Terrain Select and off-road cruise control Crawl Control, in addition, forced center locking, range control, but rear differential locking is not provided even for an additional fee.

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