Changing the oil in the Toyota RAV4 Aisin K111F variator. Filter, regulations

The fourth generation of the legendary Toyota Rav4 crossovers debuted in 2012 and, having received the factory index CA40W, was produced by the Japanese automaker until 2021, inheriting an entire arsenal of power units from its predecessor. So, mechanical and automatic transmissions were installed on these vehicles as transmissions. Moreover, not only classic automatic machines were installed as automatic machines in this model range, but also CVTs, which will be discussed further.

Toyota Rav4 4th generation CA40W oil in variator K111/K112/114/115

The fourth generation Toyota Rav4 inherited the CVT modifications K111 and K112 from its predecessor. And their modernized versions K114 and K115 began to be installed on this model range after restyling in 2015. At the same time, initially the oil for the K112 and K112 variators was selected according to the CVT Fluid TC approval. However, after the release in 2012 of an improved transmission fluid with CVT Fluid FE approval, the Japanese automaker began to recommend purchasing oil with this specification. Accordingly, when servicing these CVTs, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to transmission fluids Toyota CVT Fluid FE, Idemitsu CVTF, SHELL SPIRAX S5 CVT X, which have this specification.

Toyota CVT Fluid FE4 liters Article: 08886-02505
Average price: 5000 rubles
SHELL SPIRAX S5 CVT X4 liters Article: 550047194
Average price: 2200 rubles

1 liter Article: 550054194

Average price: 555 rubles

Idemitsu CVTF4 liters Article: 30455013-746
Average price: 2800 rubles

1 liter Article: 30040091-750

Average price: 1000 rubles

Complete replacement of transmission fluid in automatic transmission

The complete procedure for changing transmission fluid in a Toyota Rav4 automatic transmission is no different from the partial procedure if you do it without a high-pressure apparatus.

  1. Repeat all the steps that I described in the previous block.
  2. Just stop before starting the engine and warming up the automatic transmission. Remove the hose from the cooling system return. If necessary, extend it using an adapter and clamps.
  3. Insert the free end into the neck of a five-liter bottle.
  4. Call your partner and ask them to start the engine.
  5. Black liquid will flow into the container. Drain about a liter and turn off the engine.
  6. Top up and repeat the procedure.
  7. Repeat the process of draining and filling the automatic transmission oil until the oil runs clear.

After completing the procedure, warm up the automatic transmission and drive the car so that the oil penetrates into all hard-to-reach components of the machine. Check the lubricant level.

Transmission oil for variator Toyota Rav4 2013/2014/2015/2016

The oil for the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2021 Toyota Rav4 variator is also selected according to the CVT Fluid FE specification described above. After all, as we have already said, after 2012, the Japanese automaker strongly recommends pouring transmission fluid with this approval into all CVTs installed on Toyota. Therefore, in addition to the original Toyota CVT Fluid FE oil of the same name, it is worth mentioning its analogues. For example, Mannol 8216 OEM for CVT and Molygreen CVT.

Toyota CVT Fluid FE4 liters Article: 08886-02505
Average price: 5000 rubles
Mannol 8216 OEM for CVT4 liters Article: MN8216-4ME
Average price: 2500 rubles

1 liter Article: MN8216-1ME

Average price: 750 rubles

Molygreen CVT4 liters Article: 0470105
Average price: 3500 rubles

1 liter Article: 0470104

Average price: 1100 rubles

Practical advice on choosing oil in a Toyota Rav4 automatic transmission

High-quality original oil in the box plays an important role. Only the original has the necessary technical properties that allow the oil to:

  • build up a protective film on metal parts to protect them from premature wear;
  • prevent foaming;
  • protect copper parts from oxidation.

The original oil will not lose its properties even with severe overheating, and in frosts down to minus 30 degrees it will not freeze.

Write in the comments what kind of lubricant you fill in the Toyota Rav4 automatic transmission?

Original oil

The original oil for automatic transmission of Toyota Rav4 is ATF Type IV with catalog number 0553-00405 and Toyota WS with number 08886-01705. The first oil is recommended for use in automatic transmissions created before 2005, and the second - after 2005.


Changing transmission oil in a Kia Cerato automatic transmission yourself

The oil is sold in black iron liter cans and 4 liter canisters. Manufactured in Russia. There is no clear opinion about the quality of this type of transmission fluid. I personally doubt buying such a lubricant.

Therefore, I usually buy the original from Japan in tin cans. European canisters are gray in color. They only come in five-liter sizes. If you see plastic canisters with this name, then they are from America.


This oil has no analogues. Therefore, I would not recommend buying lubricants of dubious quality that are passed off as analogues of this transmission fluid. I believe that ATF Type T IV is the only transmission fluid that needs to be poured into a Toyota Rav4 automatic transmission.

Attention! In addition to following the lubricant replacement schedule, do not forget to check the level and add oil as necessary.

What kind of oil is the 2021 Rav4 variator?

Considering the fact that the 2021 Toyota Rav4 models received upgraded CVTs K114 and K115, the transmission fluid poured into them must have the CVT Fluid FE specification. This can be either the original Toyota CVT Fluid FE oil or its substitutes Fuchs TITAN CVTF FLEX, Kixx CVTF and so on.

Toyota CVT Fluid FE4 liters Article: 08886-02505
Average price: 5000 rubles
Fuchs TITAN CVTF FLEX4 liters Article: 600669416
Average price: 3900 rubles

1 liter Article: 600546878

Average price: 1350 rubles

Kixx CVTF4 liters Article: L251944TE1
Average price: 2500 rubles

1 liter Article: L2519AL1E1

Average price: 650 rubles

Transmission oil change interval

Modifications of the 3rd generation Toyota Rav4 were equipped with CVTs. The first cars had four-speed hydromechanical transmissions. If the latter could be patient with both the quality and lack of oil, then the CVT type does not like dirty lubricant and does not tolerate underfilling.

In general, changing the oil in a Toyota Rav4 automatic transmission is not that difficult, so I recommend checking the level and changing the transmission fluid according to the following regulations:

  • after a mileage of 30,000 kilometers, do only a partial oil change;
  • after 60,000 kilometers, carry out a complete change using the replacement method using a high-pressure apparatus. If you don’t have one, then in a special block below, I’ll tell you how to change the oil in a garage.

You don't have to take the manufacturer's word for it. He points out that the latest box models are maintenance-free. This means that the oil in them does not need to be changed. It will last until the end of the life of the Toyota Rav 4. In fact, this is not so.


Original oil and analogues for Toyota automatic transmissions

The manufacturer does not take into account that Russian climatic conditions are difficult. And sometimes the driver’s aggressive driving destroys the oil in the car’s automatic transmission literally within 100,000 kilometers.

The cleanliness of the oil is affected by overheating, wear of mechanical parts, and the cleanliness of the filter device. When changing the oil in a Toyota Rav4 automatic transmission, be sure to change the filter. Since some filter devices are made from a felt membrane, which becomes clogged over time and stops passing lubricant through the system. As a result, the pressure drops and the car begins to push and kick. You feel vibration throughout the body during stops.

Infrequent replacement of the oil and filter device, as well as negligent attitude towards the automatic transmission will lead to a major overhaul of the Toyota Rav4 after 100 thousand kilometers. That’s why it’s so important to care not only for the engine, but also for the automatic transmission.

Attention! Never mix original oil and analogue. This will lead to a change in technical properties, which will result in the box failing.

How much oil to fill in the variator of a Toyota RAV 4

Third generation XA30, 2005-2012

The 3rd generation RAV4 became larger and more spacious than its predecessor, and was also deprived of a three-door version. From now on, the car was a five-door crossover, which was equipped with a new all-wheel drive transmission with a multi-plate clutch at the rear. Thanks to the increase in the wheelbase, it became possible to install a third row of seats, but the seven-seat version was only relevant for some countries, including the Japanese market, where this modification had the Vanguard prefix. The crossover received gasoline engines of 2.0, 2.4 and 3.5 liters (152-170 hp), as well as two diesel engines of 2.0 and 2.2 liters (116-177 hp). The engines were combined with a manual or automatic transmission, and also, for the first time, with a continuously variable transmission. In 2008, the updated RAV4 was transformed due to a modified front end, as well as technical innovations. Among them, we can note a new valve timing system for a 2-liter engine, boosted to 158 hp. With. However, the Russian engine range was left the same, but they began to supply a 7-seater version. In 2010, another restyling took place, extending the relevance of the model until 2012.

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Oil in the variator: volume – 4-5 liters

Fourth generation XA40, 2012-2018

The 4th generation RAV4 received a new design concept, increased in size, became more spacious and more functional due to new additional options. The quality of the interior trim has improved, in which a new multimedia system with improved graphics has appeared on the center console. From now on, the basic version was equipped with a 150-horsepower naturally aspirated gasoline engine, which worked with a manual transmission-6 or a CVT. The 2.4 liter engine (170 hp) was replaced by a 180-horsepower 2.5 liter engine. Only the automatic transmission from the flagship Camry sedan was provided for it. The car was also equipped with two diesel engines of 2.0 and 2.2 liters (124-150 hp). The spare wheel on the rear fifth door disappeared and was moved to the trunk, but was no longer full-size.

Oil in the variator: volume – 4-5 liters

Fifth generation XA50, from 2018

The fifth generation of the RAV4 has undergone dramatic changes. The car received a strict design with chopped and angular shapes in accordance with the new Toyota corporate style. Moreover, thanks to the massive and faceted wheel arches, the car has added the brutality characteristic of full-fledged SUVs. The crossover went on sale with 2.0 and 2.5 liter Dynamic Force petrol engines (150-200 hp). The engines are combined with a CVT or a new 8-speed automatic transmission. Depending on the configuration, the car is equipped with two types of 4WD: the first option has the function of automatically connecting the rear wheels when the rear axle slips, while the second option involves the presence of two separate clutches at the rear (one for each wheel).

Oil in the variator: volume – 4-5 liters

Choosing oil for automatic transmission Rav 4

Changing the oil in a Rav 4 automatic transmission involves using a Toyota Type IV transmission (Toyota ATF WS) or analogues (for example, Dextron ATF).

An important factor will be the year of manufacture of the car. For older models, it is better to use the original fluid, and you need to select a substitute from other companies based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The original lubricant for Rav 4 will be the best solution for a crossover with high mileage.

American-made Toyota products are supplied to the market in plastic canisters (about a liter in volume). The European version is a 5-liter gray canister (made in Belgium) . Russian lubricant comes in iron containers of 1 or 4 liters (opinions differ on the quality). Gray or black metal cans come from Japan. The driver decides which oil to buy himself.

When buying a used car, you need to ask the owner what kind of lubricant he used in the Rav 4 automatic transmission. You may not get a true answer about the regularity of replacement, but it is still worth knowing what exactly was poured into the system.

Oil change intervals

The variator uses a special type of oil, because The very principle of operation of this unit is not similar to conventional automatic transmissions. Such a product is marked with the letters “CVT”, which in translation from English. language means “continuously variable transmission”.

The properties of the lubricant differ significantly from ordinary oil.

According to the recommendations of professionals, the lubricant in CVT gearboxes should be changed no later than every 30,000-40,000 km on the speedometer. It's better to change a little earlier.

With an average load on the car, this mileage corresponds to 3 years of operation.

The owner determines the frequency of fluid changes independently, but it is recommended not to exceed 45 thousand km.

Signals to change the lubricant:

  • The mileage has reached the limit for replacement (45,000 km).
  • The color of the oil has changed significantly.
  • An unpleasant odor appeared.
  • A solid mechanical suspension was formed.

The vehicle's controllability depends on timely work carried out.

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