How many liters of oil do you need for a Toyota Corolla 150 manual transmission?

A thorough technical inspection of the Toyota Corolla E150 should be carried out every 40-50 thousand kilometers. The event is accompanied by a mandatory check of the engine, chassis, transmission, as well as the level and condition of the oil. The oil change in the Toyota Corolla 150 manual transmission, as directed by the manufacturer, should be done at least 40 thousand kilometers.

The gearbox is the most durable unit in the structure of a modern car. Despite this, it can only last for a long period without malfunctions if it is properly and timely maintained. Constant friction under continuous exposure to elevated temperatures negatively affects the insides of the gearbox. Reliably and regularly lubricating the internal components of a manual transmission extends service life and eliminates costly repairs.

Manual transmission oil change period and required volume

Checking and changing the oil in the manual transmission in the Toyota Corolla E150 is carried out every 40 thousand kilometers. The timing of changing the oil in a manual transmission in a Toyota Corolla E 150 can also be measured in years: approximately once every three years.

Main signs of an oil change:

  • noise in the gearbox;
  • difficulty switching;
  • unpleasant sound when switching;
  • presence of leakage.

If at least one of these symptoms appears, you should prepare to replace the oil fluid.

What is the function of transmission oil?

All modern automobile oils, both those used in engines and transmissions, consist of a base and a set of additional compounds - additives. Basically, the quality of the lubricating function is determined by the base, and the additional additive package only corrects and improves its performance characteristics.

Transmission systems, in addition to lubrication, have another important task. When the manual transmission gears in mesh rotate, a large amount of heat is generated.

In the box of a moving car, the temperature fluctuates within 150 degrees Celsius, while at the very point of contact of the gears it can rise to 300 degrees.

The oil poured into the manual transmission also performs a heat-removing function, while cooling the parts and preventing critical overheating of the box.

Preparation for replacement and necessary tools

Preparing to change the oil in a Toyota Corolla E150 manual transmission involves studying safety precautions and preparing tools.

Safety rules when changing oil in a manual transmission:

  • find special clothing and gloves;
  • turn on bright lighting;
  • Replacements can only be made 15-25 minutes after arrival. The oil should cool down a little.

List of necessary tools for changing the oil in a Toyota Corolla E 150 manual transmission:

  • set of wrenches and hex keys.
  • pharmaceutical syringe.
  • screwdriver.
  • empty container for waste liquid.
  • fresh oil.
  • additional gaskets for the drain and filler holes.

Draining old oil from the gearbox and cleaning the pan

Draining old oil from the tank into a manual transmission on a Toyota Corolla E150:

  1. The car is placed in the garage on a pit or a lift.
  2. The filler plug is unscrewed at the bottom of the vehicle. The car oil is drained within 15-25 minutes.
  3. The plug is screwed back in.
  4. Using a wrench, unscrew the pan and carefully drain the residual oil. The condition of the liquid is assessed. If there are chips, the tray is thoroughly washed, cleaned with a wire brush and wiped with a clean rag.

  5. The tray is installed in the reverse order. All bolts are carefully tightened.

Filling new oil in the manual transmission

Step-by-step process for adding new fluid:

  1. The filler plug opens. Located on the crankcase.
  2. Using a syringe, the oil is filled to the maximum level.
  3. The plug closes. The engine starts and warms up for 10-15 minutes.
  4. The oil fluid level is rechecked. If necessary, top up.

In order not to overpay for transmission fluid, many people dilute semi-synthetic and synthetic oil. This is strictly not recommended. If the proportions are incorrect, the liquid will begin to foam, which can cause the box to jam.

This completes the oil change process for the Totota Corolla E150.

How often do you change transmission oil?

At high temperature loads, the oil begins to foam, and at the same time its lubricating characteristics are significantly reduced. Also, during operation, additives burn out, which in turn impairs the performance of the protective function.

The result of untimely replacement of the lubricant is the formation of scuffing on the main gear - during operation, its gears begin to emit a peculiar buzzing sound; after 500-1000 kilometers, the teeth of the transmission parts cannot withstand the increased load and begin to collapse.

If appropriate measures are not taken, the Corolla's manual transmission may jam or completely fail.

The 2008 Toyota Corolla is a front-wheel drive car whose manual transmission is subject to the greatest load, unlike rear-wheel drive cars.

In order to maintain the performance of the transmission for a long time, a scheduled oil change should be carried out every 50-60 thousand kilometers, and for aggressive driving or for cars participating in racing, this period should be reduced to 30-40 thousand.

How to change the oil in a Toyota Corolla gearbox

In principle, it will not be difficult to deal with changing the oil in a Corolla manual transmission. The drain hole bolt for the hexagon will not be difficult to find. But you will have to look for the filler hole if you have never had to change the oil in the box before.

The bolt, 24mm, for the filler hole (also known as the control hole) is located behind the mudguard of the left wheel. The shield is secured with four clips; they need to be removed and the plastic casing moved to the side.

It is most convenient to pour fresh oil into the box using a special syringe or a long piece of hose with a funnel. The filler plug should be tightened to 39 Nm.

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Checking the gearbox oil level

When operating vehicles, the level of transmission oils in manual transmissions decreases, so in addition to replacement, they should also be topped up regularly. Reasons to check the level are any signs of change in transmission performance. Checking the level and then adding oil are simple operations that you can do yourself.

Work order:

  • The car must be placed on a flat horizontal surface above the inspection hole or raised using a lift. Checking the level should be done no earlier than 10 minutes after the vehicle has come to a complete stop, with the engine turned off.
  • The surface of the gearbox should be cleaned around the level plugs and breather to prevent dirt from getting inside.
  • Unscrew the cap and be sure to wipe it clean.
  • Check the oil level - it should reach the bottom edge of the level plug hole.
  • If the level is insufficient, unscrew the breathing valve (breather) located at the top of the manual transmission.
  • Topping up should be done through the hole in the breathing valve in small portions until oil flows out of the hole for the level plug. For topping up, you can use a funnel and a suitable sized hose.
  • Screw the plug into place and tighten it with the required force.
  • Reinstall the breather.

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Oil change options

There are several types of oil changes in Toyota Corolla automatic transmissions, which differ in complexity:

  1. The simplest operation is a partial replacement of the lubricant, which does not involve installing a new oil filter. In this case, the liquid located in the oil pan of the box is drained through a special hole, which is closed with a screw plug. Fresh grease is added through the dipstick hole. When making such a replacement, you need to know exactly the type of oil previously poured into the automatic transmission, since mixing fluids with different tolerances is prohibited.
  2. A more complex process is a complete oil change, which is carried out in specialized automatic transmission repair and maintenance centers. During this procedure, the old oil is washed out with new oil supplied under pressure. In this case, up to 12 liters of ATF fluid will be required to change the lubricant. This operation is carried out without changing the filter and is therefore risky, especially on transmissions with high mileage. Since the dirt and wear products contained in the waste fluid will clog the filter and spread throughout the transmission. How the box will behave and how long it will last after such a replacement is unknown.
  3. The third option is most preferable for Corolla automatic transmissions with any mileage. It consists of a complete oil change with removal of the pan, which allows you to install a new oil filter instead of the old one, in which a significant amount of dirt accumulates. Another advantage of this method, unlike others, is the ability to wash the inside of the pan and magnets from wear particles.


Engine (motor oil)
EngineWorking volume (l)ModificationWithout filter replacement (l)With filter replacement (l)SAEAPI
  • SJ/GF-2
  • 09.2002~
  • SL/GF-3
Engine (cooling system)
EngineWorking volume (l)ModificationFilling capacity (l)Ethylene glycol content (l)
Transmission oil ModificationFilling capacity (l)Oil type
Manual transmission4ZZ-FE, 3ZZ-FE1,975W-90
Manual transmission (front differential)C511NZ-
1,9MG Gear Oil Special II (API GL-3, SAE 75W-90)
Automatic transmission4ZZ-FE3.0 (if replaced)T-IV (JWS3309)
3ZZ-FE2.9 (when replaced)
Automatic transmission (front differential)U441E2NZ-FE5,6Automatic Fluid Type T-IV
U340E1NZ-FE (2WD)6,8
U341E1ZZ-FE (2WD), 3C-E6,9
U340F1NZ-FE (4WD)
U341F1ZZ-FE (4WD)
Transfer caseMF1A0,9Gear Oil Super (API GL-5, SAE 75W-90)
Differentialrear0,5Hypoid Gear Oil SX (API GL-5, SAE 85W-90)
Air conditioning systemSteering
ModificationRefrigerant quantity (g)ModificationFilling capacity (l)
~04.2004530±30except for models with EUR0,7


Optimal mileage before replacement

However, Russian weather and road conditions and careless driving make their own adjustments.

According to the observations of car mechanics, a Toyota Corolla manual transmission requires an oil change every 50-60 thousand km, and the fluid level needs to be monitored every 8-10 thousand km on the speedometer.

Speedometer Toyota Corolla

The period is reduced by 10-20% if the machine:

  • often stuck in city traffic jams;
  • starts and brakes sharply;
  • pulls trailers, tows other vehicles;
  • in winter it starts moving without proper warming up;
  • participates in auto racing.

The lubricant in the box oxidizes, foams, and loses the properties specified by the manufacturer.

How to Change the Oil in a Toyota Corolla Transmission

What kind of oil should be poured into a Toyota


To correctly change the oil in the box

transmission of Toyota Corolla, you should know the answer to at least one of the following questions:

  1. What year of manufacture of the car, its body (for example, a car E120, E140, as it is also called E150, etc.);
  2. What type of gearbox is installed (manual, manual, variator, or automatic transmission);
  3. The brand of the engine, its type and volume (gasoline as it is also called diesel);
  4. The name of the unusual oil and its quantity, and additionally acceptable analogues from other manufacturers.

Having the appropriate initial data, you can select the right oil

in a Toyota Corolla box.

Now let’s look at the example of popular generations of cars.

Toyota Corolla X

The tenth generation Toyota Corolla was produced from 2006 to 2010 (restyling from 2010 to 2013) in E140 and E150 bodies, equipped with a 5 and 6-speed manual transmission, an automatic transmission or a robot, in addition to a CVT.

The cars of the model line were equipped with gasoline and diesel engines with power ranging from 90 to 136 hp. Belong to a C-class car.

As for the manual transmission, 1.9 or 4.3 liters are poured here. transmissions, based on gear levels - 5 and 6, respectively.

Also, of course, be guided by the installed engine.

  1. 4ZZ-FE and 3ZZ-FE (petrol). 1.9 liters of transmission;
  2. 2ZZ-GE (petrol). 3.5.3;
  3. 1CD-FTV (diesel). 5.5.

The manufacturer advises filling the box with unique transmission oils, for example:

  1. Toyota Gear Oil Manual Transmission
    “Getriebeoil LV 75W”. by article 08885-81001.
  2. Toyota Manual Transmission
    Gear Oil GL-4 75w-90 GL 4. 08885-81026.

Alas, because unique working waters are expensive, analogues are used - the main thing is to adhere to the correct specification. According to the API, this is GL4 or, in other words, GL5. According to SAE. 75W-90.

Here is an excerpt from the manual.

For example, there is not a bad analogue. ZIC GFT 75w-90.

The 4-speed automatic transmission U340E, installed on cars in the E140/150 body, is filled with other brands of transmission oils. Here you need to focus on the ATF specification.

The manufacturer recommends filling the Toyota Corolla automatic transmission with original transmission oil ATF Type T-IV (for early models), also called ATF WS (for later ones, reddish in color).

  • It is not recommended to combine these oils, so study the documentation for the machine before replacing the transmission.
  • Other oils are also used as analogues, for example, Mobil ATF 3309, CASTROL Transmax, also called TOTAL FLUIDE XLD FE.

There are many similar oils for automatic transmissions in the current market segment, so it makes no sense for our client to list them, the main thing is that they fit the specification indicated above (ATF), in any case, it is better to pour unique oils.

Replacement can be carried out either partially or completely. At the beginning, when the working fluid is slightly dirty and replacement is done manually, up to 4 liters will be required. transmissions (at a standard of 8). With washing it will take a full 8.

In the 2nd case, when the replacement takes place using a machine at the service center, from 10 to 12 liters will be required.

Changing the oil in a Toyota Corolla manual transmission #GarageLife

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Variable speed drive

As for the Aisin K311 variator, which is installed on a car in the E150 body, Toyota CVT Fluid TC transmission fluid is poured here - according to article 08886-02105 (for warm climates) or Toyota CVT Fluid FE (for work in low temperatures) in an amount of about 10 l. (3 cans of 4 liters each will be useful). TC oil is more viscous.


As for the oil in the Toyota Corolla X robot box, 1.9 or 4.5.4 (for a 6-speed unit) liters of the unusual Genuine Manual Transmission

Gear Oil LV - item 08885-81001. The same specifications are maintained here - according to API GL-4 and SAE 75.

  1. There are analogues, for example, the German RAVENOL MTF-3 SAE 75W, also called Castrol Syntrax Longlife 75W-90, but it is better to pour an analogue.

Toyota Corolla IX

The ninth generation Toyota Corolla in the E120 body was produced from 2000 to 2005.

The car with the 4ZZ-FE engine (97 hp - 1.4 l.) was equipped only with a manual transmission, and with the 3ZZ-FE engines (110 hp - 1.6 l.) and the forced 2ZZ-GE with VVT-L (215 l. .s. 1.8 l.) – Automatic transmission.

Just like in the tenth generation, the general approach to choosing oil for changing gearboxes (manual and automatic) is monotonous. Alas, there are some aspects here.

As for manual transmissions, they probably recommend pouring original Toyota LV 75W oil here, which is by and large true. For Substitution, immediately prepare more than 4.5 liters. (norm 1.9).

However, of course, we can take a different path. We already know that the manufacturer recommends filling the gearbox with GL4 oil, or GL5 (API specification).

However, some car enthusiasts of Toyota Corolla in the E120 body, from their own experience in operating the car, nevertheless advise pouring only working waters according to the GL4 specification into the manual transmission, because they have a positive effect on the operation of the synchronizers, which cannot be said about similar waters GL5 (GL-4), Having a more brutal composition, they have a negative effect on synchronizers and are better suited for bridges.

Also beware of oils with the prefix “HYPOID”, for example, Toyota Hypoid Gear Oil 85W-90. These are hypoid oils and they are usually poured into gearboxes; they will also, of course, damage the synchronizers. Well, they don’t fit the SAE specification (75W-90).

  • They probably praise synthetic gear oil BARDAHL 75W90 because it has proven itself well, but it is better to pour analogues (our worldview).
  1. As for automatic transmissions, the same Toyota ATF Type T-IV is filled here (in a dark can - article number 08886-81015) or in a silver can - article number 08886-01705.

Replacement requires more than 8 liters. (with flushing), so you will have to immediately take two canisters of 4 (5) liters each.

If you carry out the replacement at a service center, then be prepared to pay for 12 liters. because replacement there occurs in hardware. With all this, you will like the filling capacity 6.8/6.9/8.3 liters more. depending on the model Automatic transmission.

How to change the oil in a Toyota Corolla box

Toyota Corolla XI

Produced from May 2012 to July 2021 in E160, 170 and 180 bodies. Car. Corolla Axio, station wagon. Corolla Fielder. Read here about the converted Toyota Corolla E170.

The car was equipped with gearboxes: manual transmission and V-belt continuously variable variator MultiDrive S. An automatic gearbox was not provided.

at what kind of oil needs to be poured into a Toyota Corolla using the example of a model in the E180 body.

Manual Transmission

Toyota Corolla manual transmissions

Eleventh generation must adhere to specifications. API GL4 and SAE 75W. Filled volume – 2.4 l. In a new car, you will immediately like the manual transmission filled with Toyota Genuine Manual Transmission Gear Oil Lv, you need to look at the documentation.

  • The best option is considered to be LV GL4 75W MT - article number 0888581001, as it is also called, a complete analogue of the first Ravenol MTF 3 75w.

Variable speed drive

As for the Multidrive S variator, its filling capacity is 7.6 liters. Those. you will have to take two 4 liter transmission cans.

It is recommended to pour only original Toyota CVT Fluid FE oil for cold weather or CVT Fluid TC for warm climates into the variator - article number 08886-02505.

  1. Ravenol CVT Fluid is used as an analogue - article number 4014835648555.

Of course there are many other options, for example, ZIC CVT Multi, KIXX CVTF, Castrol CVT Multi, however:

  1. According to reviews, the original oil continues to be considered better;
  2. You shouldn’t save money on a variator, because its cost sometimes reaches a thousand bucks, so use what the manufacturer recommends.

What kind of oil do you pour into the Toyota Corolla gearbox? Share your experience in the comments, many will be curious.


Working with a CVT gearbox

Changing the oil in the CVT of a Corolla E160 is also in many ways similar to changing the oil in an automatic transmission. Before changing the oil in the variator, you need to thoroughly clean the pan and also pay attention to the presence of metal shavings. If this is observed, then you cannot do without the help of a service station. It is worth adding that cars produced in 2008–2012 have a fairly durable robotic gearbox, but even it cannot withstand a rare change of lubricant.

Changing the oil in the CVT of Toyota Corolla X and 11 generations, Corolla E160 cars is a fairly important process and accessible to every motorist. When implementing it, it is important to handle the variator parts carefully, and also monitor how much lubricant is poured. After the MMT oil has been changed on cars produced in 2008–2012 and 2013, you can safely operate the vehicle and not be afraid of gearbox failure.

A strange itching noise is constantly heard from the box. In addition, 4th gear (from higher gears) is engaged with a creak. Will changing the oil help? What should you put in there? And I didn't find the dipstick. When it changed, I have no idea.

How long have you been driving it? How far did you travel? In general, you should make it a rule that when buying a used car, change at least all the fluids and filters on it. Who knows, maybe it wasn't changed there from the factory. Of course, change the oil, any quality oil, maybe original transmission oil, viscosity 75W-90. With GL-4 approval. and by no means GL-5! This is for gearboxes. Fortunately there is only 2 liters of it. Unscrew the filler plug, it is on the front of the box, access from above, at the same time you will find out the level, maybe your oil level there is below normal, that’s the problem with the noise. Then you unplug the drain from the pit. You pour oil into the filler until it flows out. this will be the level. But you can’t fill all the canisters that easily. I filled it through a funnel and hose.

OK thanks. I'll try. I just recently took the car and drove 1500 of them. In general, how often does it change there? Is there any standard for mileage?


, as far as I remember, if used correctly, the oil does not change there..

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