Repair of Toyota Corolla robotic gearbox

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Automatic transmission robot repairfrom 1200 rub.

Toyota robot repair

At the beginning of the 2000s, the Toyota Corporation began equipping mid-price segment models (“Corolla”, “Auris” and “Yaris”) with a robotic gearbox. In essence, it is a manual transmission with an electric or electro-hydraulic drive for engaging the clutch and gear shift functions. Just like an automatic transmission, it requires proper care and timely repairs.

About the principles of operation of a sequential box

A car can have two variants of a sequential gearbox. A robotic version of the gearbox installed on a Toyota Corolla car exists:

  1. in semi-automatic mode;
  2. in automatic.

In semi-automatic mode, the sequential gearbox allows the driver to change from a low gear to a higher gear using the selector lever located on the steering wheel.

On an automatic transmission, the transmission control algorithm is carried out by the ECU (electronic control unit). The work is carried out using signals from input sensors.

The electric drive operates at a low speed of the control mechanism. Indicators: 0.3-0.5 sec.

Compared to sports models, this figure is only 0.05 seconds.

Where to order repairs for a 2007 Toyota Corolla robot. in Moscow?

Owners of cars of this Japanese brand know that for their repair and maintenance in the capital, it is best to contact Toyota Dubrovka. Our car service is specialized with all that it implies:

  • Our technicians are certified by Toyota and work according to the manufacturer’s regulations;
  • They have decades of practical experience and hundreds of repaired cars;
  • Their arsenal includes licensed diagnostic software with current updates;
  • They repair the Toyota Corolla robot using dealer-level equipment.

We have our own warehouse of original parts. The car owner has the opportunity to purchase from us a clutch kit, flywheel, mechatronics and bearings at prices significantly lower than dealer prices. We guarantee their original origin, since we have been purchasing them from a trusted supplier for several years now.

Issues to be aware of

Many owners and drivers of Toyota cars, especially used cars, often encounter problems with a MULTI-MODE sequential transmission. Problems with the robot often arise from operating features and driving style. It can be:

  1. jerks or involuntary jolts during transition from one gear to another;
  2. slight delays in switching from upshift to downshift. The checkpoint robot “thinks” for too long;
  3. non-standard start: car jerking. Lack of smooth start of movement both forward and in reverse.
  4. ECU related problems;
  5. overheating of the clutch disc.

Main malfunctions of the Toyota Corolla robotic gearbox

Repair of the Corolla robot can only be carried out in a specialized car service center, whose employees have the appropriate qualifications and the necessary equipment. The main breakdowns of manual transmission include:

  • Failure of oil seals and wear of clutch discs, which manifest themselves as difficulties with gear shifting and slipping;
  • Failure of switching drives, which manifests itself in jerks while driving;
  • Wear and breakdown of the release bearing, which manifest themselves by the spontaneous transition of the box to the “N” mode and stopping the car;
  • Failure of the clutch actuator, which manifests itself as sudden jerks of the car when it starts from a standstill;
  • Wear of the clutch elements, which is manifested by the transmission going into emergency mode.

The fact that the Toyota Corolla robot (2008) requires diagnostics and repair is indicated by the corresponding indication on the dashboard. Depending on the situation, our technicians will repair or replace the clutch, mechatronics, flywheel or clutches and adapt the gearbox. You can get more information about the terms of cooperation on our website or by contacting our information line operators.

Possibility of restoring a problematic block

In order to begin the “technical treatment” of the box, you must diagnose the vehicle. This is done using modern scanning devices.

The resulting codes allow you to identify a malfunction in the mechanical part of the unit, as well as detect electrical problems.

Diagnostic measures involve a certain range of actions:

  1. external inspection of the Toyota robot without the use of special devices;
  2. testing the unit in different modes;
  3. reading fault codes from the ECU of the inspected unit;
  4. viewing the received operating data of systems related to the electronic and electrical parts of the sequential gearbox in real time;
  5. The transmission fluid level is checked.

A set of diagnostic measures makes it possible to identify problems in a short time and prescribe the necessary method of “technical treatment”.

During testing, the operation of all actuators of the robotic box, without exception, is also checked.

Main malfunctions of manual transmission and their malfunctions

Repairing Toyota robot boxes is a complex multi-stage process that requires the performer to have the appropriate knowledge and skills, as well as high-precision equipment. Along with a number of advantages, these units also have disadvantages, which include overheating of the system, frequent breakdowns of the clutch disc, rapid failure of the control module... To ensure that restoration efforts do not cost a pretty penny, the car owner needs to be careful and seek professional auto repair help immediately when certain signs appear:

  • Difficulties with gear shifting and slipping - most likely, the seals or clutch discs are worn out;
  • The car moves jerkily - the gear shift drives are out of order and require replacement;
  • Spontaneous transition of the box to the “N” mode and stopping of the car - the release bearing has worn out;
  • Sudden jerks at the start - the clutch actuator is out of order and needs to be replaced or restored;
  • Switching the gearbox to emergency mode - there is serious wear on the clutch elements.

The need to repair the Toyota robot box is always warned by a corresponding indicator on the dashboard, which you should also not forget about.

Experts warn

The maintenance of a complex device should be entrusted to professionals who will determine how much the repair will cost. They are the ones who, using special tools, eliminate the breakdown and are guaranteed to do their job correctly.

Overhauling the unit in question is unacceptable in makeshift conditions. The consequences of self-repair can lead to an unusual traffic situation, possibly resulting in death.

Our Toyota manual transmission repair services

Before starting work, Toyota Dubrovka technicians carry out diagnostics. It allows you to accurately determine the cause of the malfunction and quickly eliminate it. Based on the diagnostic results, our technicians repair or replace:

  • Clutch;
  • Mechatronics;
  • Flywheel;
  • Friction clutches.

Upon completion of the work, they adapt the box. If restoration is impossible or would be unreasonably expensive, but will not give a long-term result, we recommend replacing the manual transmission assembly. The price of repairs depends on the volume and complexity of the work, and therefore is calculated individually. You can get more information about the terms of cooperation on our website or by contacting our information line operators!

How to avoid costly robot gearbox repairs

Of course, it will not be possible to completely eliminate emergency situations at such a unit as a robotic gearbox. For budget class cars this is an axiom. Any equipment breaks down. Especially if you don't take care of it. Proper maintenance will help delay the moment when repairing a manual transmission robot becomes necessary.

Despite the fact that a large number of drivers complain about the robotic gearbox, it cannot be denied that this type of transmission has advantages. It's a matter of habit. Once upon a time, automatic transmissions were also criticized, but today all automakers install automatic transmissions on models from premium to quite budget options.

  • Additive for automatic transmission and variator (CVT) "Suprotek Automatic Transmission"

    Restores the oil pump and oil pressure in the automatic transmission valve body, which eliminates shocks and jerks when shifting gears. Reduces hum and vibration. In CVTs, it restores cones and chain tension.

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The main condition for a long service life of a robot is a careful driving style. The most common reason why manual transmission repair is aggressive driving with sudden acceleration and braking. This type of transmission is not designed for rapid acceleration, although there are exceptions for sports cars. It’s just that a manual transmission for a Lamborghini is a completely different unit. And it costs much more.

During long stops in the city driving cycle, always shift the gear lever to the “neutral” position. This will help extend the life of the robot. Just at the moment of stopping, when the engine is not turned off, the robotic gearbox is set to the clutch depressed mode. What does this mean? Actuators, clutch gears and drive mechanisms are under load. It is clear that in this case wear will occur faster.

  • Additive for manual transmission oil of SUVs. Suprotec Off-Road 4×4 manual transmission

    Out of production from 2021. For treating diesel internal combustion engines of SUVs (with an oil volume of more than 7 liters) and vehicles operating under heavy loads. Increases compression, reduces oil waste, makes starting easier, and extends service life.

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Another factor that helps extend the life of the robot box is timely maintenance. Replace the transmission fluid in the manual transmission on time. Moreover, it requires much less than in an automatic machine.

An excellent option is to add a manual transmission tribotechnical compound from Suprotec every time you replace the ATF fluid. This product creates a protective layer of metal on the surface of friction pairs. The mineral film holds oil well, preventing the formation of scuffing. Also, metal nanoparticles are capable of filling microscopic damage, restoring the geometry of parts.

Pros and cons of robotic transmission

The robotic gearbox is economical, which is comparable to this parameter of a “mechanics”, which means that exhaust emissions are reduced. Europe is strict about this now, so manual transmission is in favor. Another advantage is the relatively affordable price, which end consumers like. To you and me, dear car enthusiasts.

pros and cons of different gearboxes

Manual Transmission Hydromechanical "automatic"Variable speed driveRobotic mechanicsPreselective transmission
prosFuel economy, simplicity of design, high reliability, dynamism.Smoothness, comfort, reliability, versatility.Smooth, economical, high efficiency, light weight.Economical, low cost.Efficiency, smoothness, speed of switching.
MinusesLoss of engine power when changing gears, increased fatigue when driving, clutch wear.Increased fuel consumption and longer acceleration.Background noise, complex electronics, high cost of repair and maintenance, low reliability.Jerks and jerks when switching, thoughtfulness.Expensive, poor maintainability, complex design.

It would seem that robotic transmission is the bright future of the automotive industry. But it's not that simple. Along with its advantages, the robot also has weaknesses. We’ll talk about manual transmission repair below , but for now let’s look at the car’s dynamics.

The main drawback is the very slow gear shifting on the robot. The box interrupts the transmission of torque for a long time when changing gears. This leads to failures during overclocking. Not only throttle response deteriorates, but also the overall feeling of driving comfort.

A striking example is the robot switching to a Toyota Corolla . The start of the movement itself is not very comfortable: there are jerks, acceleration is very slow. Acceleration begins unexpectedly, you have to slow down so as not to “catch up” with the vehicle ahead.

If on a suburban highway, changing gears of the robot does not cause any particular inconvenience - at speed the car behaves quite confidently - in a metropolis everything is somewhat different. City driving requires frequent stops and starts. The driver has to constantly struggle with the difficult “norm” of the robotic transmission.

An engineering solution in the form of a double clutch helped correct the situation. Such a robot does not become “stupid” when changing gears. In terms of driving comfort, cars equipped with a manual transmission of this type are very close to models with automatic transmission. At the same time, fuel consumption has decreased significantly. In the urban driving cycle, the dual-clutch robotic gearbox showed even better results than the manual transmission.

Toyota RAV4 (Toyota RAV4) 2000-2004 with a 2 liter engine. 1AZ-FE AT (U140 and U240 automatic transmission) - malfunction of the ECU / PCM control unit, failure of the automatic transmission control unit (PCM / ECM) - incorrect control of the automatic transmission solenoids. This malfunction occurs on ALL cars of the AMERICAN market and some of the EUROPEAN ones (the control units of these cars are almost identical)

On almost all Toyota Rav4

2000-2004 model years with a 1AZ-FE engine and automatic transmission are experiencing a malfunction of the ECU/PCM control unit. The malfunction in the RAV4 electronic control unit is associated with the electronics that control the solenoids in the automatic transmission - on this vehicle, the engine ECU and automatic transmission control unit are combined in a single PCM unit (sometimes called ECM/ECU) on one printed circuit board.

In the photo: unit
(ECU/PCM) of a Toyota Rav4 1AZ-FE AT

unit combines the functions of the engine control unit (ECM) and automatic transmission (AT).

Almost all
Toyota RAV 4
2.0 2000-2004 cars of the American market (
US market
) over time
begin to exhibit these control unit malfunctions
in the form of jolts when changing gears, jerking and “jerking” when engaging automatic transmission gears, “bumps” when engaging reverse gear .
In this case, disappearing or indelible errors often appear in the ECU / PCM unit for solenoids P0750, P0753, P0755, P0758, P1760. This occurs due to the failure of the microelectronics that control the solenoids in the automatic transmission. If Toyota Rav 4 PCM
control unit is not repaired or replaced in time, then the inevitable consequences in the future are mechanical failure
of the automatic transmission
due to improper control.

Numbers of some ECM/PCM control units for Toyota Rav4 vehicles with the above faults: 89661–42650, 89661–42651, 89661–42652, 89661–42653, 89661–42660, 89661–42661, 89661–42662, 89661– 42663, 89661–42810, 89661–42811, 89661–42820, 89661–42821, 89661–42880, 89661–42890, 89661-42681,89661-42760, 89661-42762. If your car's unit is not on the list, the likelihood of this malfunction occurring is just as high.

If you do not have the opportunity to bring a control unit removed from a Toyota RAV4 car, you can come to us by car - we will dismantle it ourselves and then install the repaired unit

, we will adapt the automatic transmission. During the repair period (1-3 days), your car can be parked on our territory under video surveillance and the presence of 24-hour security.

We carry out professional repairs of automatic transmission ECU control units (PCM/ECM) for Toyota Rav 4
at a special price of 6,000 rubles
The repaired control unit is guaranteed for 6 months.

Now, after repairing the Toyota Rav4 PCM unit, at your request, we can program a new PCM control unit program to automatically reset the old automatic transmission and engine adaptation settings.
All you have to do is install the ECU on the car and you're done!
After the repair,
you no
longer need to reset the ECU settings (RESET ECU/PCM) using an expensive diagnostic scanner! Key binding on European cars is now also carried out automatically when the key is turned in the ignition after installing the unit on the car.

You can come to us for a qualified diagnosis of your Toyota

— we use
professional software and hardware
from American Toyota dealers TechStream and many of our own developments on these cars.

The cost of computer diagnostics of all present electronic systems of any Toyota/Lexus/Scion

European and American market dealer scanner Toyota TechStream is

We repair
Toyota control units

Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe, partly Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla 2004-2005

and Lexus RX300, RX330, RX350 (Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Lexus RX300, RX350, RX330)
- malfunction of the PCM control unit - incorrect operation of the automatic transmission - malfunction of the automatic transmission control unit.
On these Toyota Matrix, Corolla and Pontiac Vibe cars produced in 2004-2005, equipped with an automatic transmission, a defect control unit
(automatic transmission)
Typically, the malfunction is manifested by the following symptoms
: jolts and jerks when shifting gears, indelible error P2716 Pressure Control Solenoid Electrical.
Sometimes no errors occur at all, but the car does not behave correctly with a mechanically serviceable gearbox. Numbers of defective Toyota control units: 89661-02D51; 89661-02D02; 89661-01132; 89661-01133 and others. The cost of repairing the unit is 6000 - 8000
1 year warranty .
In the photo: Engine and automatic transmission control unit (PCM), Toyota Matrix

Toyota Corolla
Pontiac Vibe 2004-2005
. A very common error in the ECU is P2716 - electrical error in the solenoid - pressure regulator. In the second photo this control unit is without a cover.

After repairing the unit, it is necessary to reset the old computer settings (reset ecu) using a diagnostic scanner. You can do it with us or at a Toyota dealership.

We repair Toyota Matrix control units (ECM/PCM)

Toyota Corolla, Prius, Auris, Yaris, Aygo 2005 - 2009

(Toyota Corolla, Auris, Prius, Yaris, Igo) with a Freetronic robotic manual transmission
- malfunctions of the MMT control unit (Freetronic transmission control unit) - incorrect operation of the "robot", shocks and jerks when switching, jerks when starting off, a sharp transition to a lower gear, error P0900 - clutch actuator circuit / open - malfunction of the Freetronic gearbox electronic control unit (MMT control unit).
Robotic transmission model numbers are c50a, c51a, c52a, c53a. On these Toyota
Corolla, Prius, Auris, Yaris, Aygo
equipped with
Freetronic automatic
transmission ,
control unit (Freetronic transmission control unit from Aisin) often fails after 20-30 thousand km.
mileage The car exhibits a malfunction MMT
unit due to incorrect control of the automatic transmission, namely, jolts and jerks when shifting, spontaneous delays when shifting gears, and the inability to move normally (without a jerk) in reverse gear.
If you have a car manufactured in 2005-2009, with a Freetronic robot automatic transmission, and the above symptoms are present, the MMT robot control unit is most likely faulty. Sometimes on these cars another defect appears in the “robot” ECU - an indelible error P0900 occurs on the clutch actuator circuit - open. These malfunctions appear on almost all Toyota cars with Freetronic manual transmission produced in 2005, 2006, 2007 and on some cars
produced in 2008 and 2009.
Toyota engineers released 3 different versions of the MMT
The blocks differ in software and hardware. Problems most often arise with blocks of the 1st and 2nd versions. Blocks of the 3rd version (the number 2 is usually at the end of the serial number of the block) are much less likely to fail. We repair your MMT Freetronic control unit,
at the same time restoring all functions
of the control unit, strengthening the unit and its reliability, and
performing mandatory adaptation of the necessary components of the Freetronic gearbox using a
Toyota / Lexus dealer scanner.
Numbers of some defective Toyota MMT Free-tronic control units from Aisin:

89530-12290, 89530-12291, 89530-12250, 89530-12251, 89530-64010 and some others.

On the picture

: control unit for an Aisin robotic gearbox from a 2007 Toyota Corolla 1.6.
1st version of the block. The 2nd photo shows this unit without the housing. In 95% of cases,
a malfunction occurs in such a block.

The cost of repairing the MMT Freetronic (robot) Toyota control unit is from 7,000 to 9,000 rubles.

3 month warranty on work performed. Unit repair time is 2 - 3 working days.


It is possible
to replace the MMT control unit on a turnkey basis within 1 hour, with the replacement of your old control unit with a proven warranty unit, followed by adaptation, installation and all diagnostic procedures necessary for Toyota.
The cost of replacing the MMT unit with a proven turnkey unit (we provide a 6-month warranty) is 14,000 rubles. Toyota Mark X since 2005, Toyota Crown (in S180 body since 2006, in s200 body since 2007) 2.5 and 3 liter (petrol engines) with automatic transmission - malfunction of the PCM control unit (joint ECU of the automatic transmission and engine) - jolts and jerks during turning on and shifting gears (if the mechanical and hydraulic parts of the automatic transmission are in good condition).

On these vehicles, malfunctions of the automatic transmission control unit often occur, which manifest themselves as twitching and jerking of the automatic transmission when shifting and engaging gears. Jerking can often occur when shifting into 2nd or 3rd gear. In this case, as a rule, there are no diagnostic errors associated with the operation of the automatic transmission. In this case, the problem often lies precisely in the PCM unit and most often no expensive automatic transmission repair or replacement is required. We repair ECUs with these problems with a 6-month warranty.

Toyota Duet, Toyota Passo, Rezzo, Avensis and some other models of Toyota and Daihatsu Terios, Duet, etc. — after the battery drains or an attempt to “light” from another car, the car stops starting.

The cause of the malfunction is damaged data in programs, in ECU and immobilizer units. Often the ECU does not go through diagnostics, even with dealer equipment. Repairing such a malfunction can only be done by reprogramming these units and the car's chip key.

We offer a FULL RUSSIFIATION service

all menus of the navigation and information monitor of the fourth generation
4g of Toyota and Lexus cars manufactured in the USA and EUROPE, starting from 2004
. Russification includes the installation of the Russian language (the ability to select languages) in all system menus, Russian voice guidance, and the latest navigation maps throughout Europe and Russia.

We Russify Toyota and Lexus cars

released for the US and EUROPEAN markets:

LS430 2004-2006 SC430 2005-2009 RX330 2005-2006 RX400h 2006-2007 LX470 2004-2007 GX470 2005-2006 GS300 2006 GS430 2006 ES330 2004-200 6 Land Cruiser 2005-2006 4 Runner 2005 Prius 2004-2005 Camry 2004-2006 Sienna 2005 Sequoia 2005-2006 Solara 2004-2006 Tundra 2005-2006 Highlander 2004-2006

The cost of the FULL RUSSIFICATION service of the on-board monitor for Toyota and Lexys cars is 7,000 rubles.

For cars from America and Canada, we offer conversion of on-board computer and instrument panel readings to the metric system.

We offer professional diagnostics of Toyota, Lexus, Scion cars using a dealer scanner. Any adaptations, encodings, work with any keys, Toyota immobilizer, etc.

We repair Toyota control units
, repair Toyota engine and automatic transmission control units, repair Toyota Rav4 ECUs, repair Toyota Rav4 ECM/PCM electronic units, RAV 4 restore Toyota Rav4 automatic transmission control units, repair Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe PCM units , Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Pontiac Vibe), we repair ECUs of Toyota cars, restore and repair electronic control units ECM, PCM Toyota. We also repair and restore other ECUs from most manufacturers.

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